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Monday, July 21, 2014

After 66 years, JVs is expanding

Sign over JV's bar.

JV Restaurant, the small bar and live music venue that’s been at 6666 Arlington Blvd., in Falls Church for the past 66 years, is going to double in size. The small pharmacy that’s been next door for some 28 years moved to Annandale, so JV is expanding into that space. 

JV is taking over the empty store on the left.
Lorraine Campbell, the owner and manager of JV’s for the past 30 years, won’t say when the work is supposed to be completed because there’s a contest under way. Customers have written their names on the wall between the two units with the date when they think the wall will come down. The winner will get a surprise prize, says Campbell, whose parents founded JV’s 66 years ago.  

The Andy Poxon Band on July 20. [Photo by Lorraine Campbell]
The larger JV’s won’t lose any of the “ageless charm” it’s known for. In fact, the original side will stay the same and the new area will be a “mirror image” of the old JV’s, Campbell says. “No one wants us to change anything.” The new space will allow more room for the bands, more seating, and more bathrooms. Currently there are just booths with room for 50 people. The expansion will allow tables and chairs with seating for 130.

JV’s features live music (rock, country, blues, rockabilly, bluegrass) every night. Among the acts playing during the next few weeks: Dave Chappelle Band, Dead Cat Bounce Band, the Doug Cooke “Killer” Show with Jerry Lee Lewis tunes, Over the Limit, Dan Hovey Band, and Catfish Hodge. 

The wall between the old and new space is covered with JV customers' estimates of when the expansion will be done.

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  1. LOVE this place! don't go often because it's so tiny am not sure I'll get a seat. So glad they are expanding.