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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Diamond ring donated to Annandale Goodwill store sells for $11,600

The Annandale Goodwill

Someone donated a 3-carat diamond ring to the Goodwill store in Annandale. The store had been prepared to sell it for $200, but it was put on the Goodwill online auction site instead, where it sold for $11,600 on July 15, says Kiri Grant, general manager of the store on John Marr Drive. 

The proceeds from the sale will be used to support Goodwills career training programs.

The ring was in a Ziploc bag with other jewelry that was dropped off anonymously in June in a bin behind the store, said Grant. “Just before we decided to put it on the floor, something struck us, and we decided to get it appraised.” The diamond, set in a 14k yellow gold ring, was appraised at $10,000. There were other real gold and silver pieces of jewelry in the bag, but nothing that valuable.

If you’ve been to the Goodwill store, you’ll know most of the items on sale aren’t worth much. But every once in a while, something extraordinary is donated. Just yesterday, Grant said, someone bought an antique sewing machine from 1891 for $500.

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