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Monday, July 7, 2014

Shopping center under construction on Annandale Road

An illustration of the new shopping center. The store names are just examples of what might go there.

Remember the old Black Tie Cleaners at 3037 Annandale Road? It’s coming back in the new shopping center under construction on that property.

Black Tie, which had been there for some 20 years, closed last October. The distinctive barn-shaped building (a former Red Barn restaurant) was torn down several months ago.

The owner, Ray Park, is building a 16,000-square foot shopping center with space for Black Tie Cleaners along with three or four other tenants.

No one has officially signed on yet, says Jeff Lawson, a representative of Park Real Estate Group, but a dentist, high-end take-out place, and real estate broker have expressed interest in leasing space. There won’t be a sit-down restaurant, as there aren’t enough parking spaces. “The right mix of tenants will depend on what creates the best atmosphere for the neighborhood,” Lawson says. He says the project should be completed in October.


  1. How is it possible that this will be done in just a few months yet the project across the street still isn't finished after more than two years? Anyone have any idea why that new shopping center (where the post office used to be and where Anthony's is supposed to be going in) is taking so long?

  2. The shopping center you are speaking of is done and has been done. Its just that no one has signed a lease yet except for Anthonys which has taken its time opening. The construction you are referring to is that of the future Walgreens. Its separate from the shopping center but since its being built specifically for Walgreens I expect it to open soon much like the BBT accross the way.

  3. A bakery, a coffee shop and an independent bookstore would be my dream and would get my business daily!