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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tenant sought for former bookstore building

This building is available for lease.
Bandi Books, the Korean bookstore at 4305 Markham Street, Annandale, closed a couple of weeks ago for the same reason that bookstores everywhere are shutting down.

It’s too hard to compete against online book sellers and there’s so much free information available on the internet, says property owner Gary Cha. Why buy a cookbook, for example, when the recipe you’re looking for is online?

He hasn’t lined up a tenant for the building yet, but he’s had inquiries from people interested in opening a halal food market, doctor’s office, restaurant, and salon.

Cha owns the Yes! Organic Market chain, with six stores in D.C. and one in Hyattsville, Md., so we had to ask if he would consider opening a Yes! store in the old Bloom building on Columbia Pike. That wouldn’t work, he said, because it’s not big enough and there already are a lot of grocery stores nearby.

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  1. Maybe it's time for a facelift! Why does the asphalt parking extend onto the sidewalk? Where is the sidewalk. Not a very attractive place!