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Friday, August 1, 2014

One community pool helps another

Parklawn Pool [Photo by Daren Shumate]

Two years after the derecho, when the area was hit by widespread storm damage and power outages, the Parklawn Recreation Club was able to stay open with a generator and invited members of the closed Dowden Terrace Pool to use their facilities for swim team practice.

When the Parklawn Pool’s pump failed July 31, Dowden Terrace returned the favor, opening its pool to Parklawn members, including swim team kids practicing for the All-Stars meet on Aug. 2, reports Daren Shumate of Parklawn. He says the pump should be fixed today.

Despite the pump problem, the Parklawn Pool is having a good summer, Shumate says. Membership is up, and the pool’s driveway, parking lot, and basketball court were repaved for free by the county in return for allowing the parking lot to be used a staging area for construction vehicles working on the sewer relining project in Holmes Run Stream Valley Park.

The sewer project appears to be mostly done, although trail improvements are still under way, and the trail is still closed. [A week-long FBI investigation around the discovery of bodies took place in that park this spring.] 

The conflict over a cell tower proposal at the Parklawn pool seems to be over, at least for the time being. AT&T’s attempt to put a cell tower on pool grounds sharply divided the community for months between fall 2012 and spring 2014. In May, the 19th Judicial Court of Virginia upheld the Fairfax Board of Zoning Appeals’ denial of a special permit to allow the cell tower.  AT&T has not submitted a revised application and it is not known whether it plans to do so.


  1. Another big thanks to Dowden Terrace. The hospitality was greatly appreciated!

    Daren Shumate

  2. It is my understanding that the conflict over the cell tower is NOT over. Despite PRA/ATT loss in the BZA as well as the resounding defeat in the appeal, PRA has accepted yet another payment from ATT to keep the option open and protract the litigation.
    Regards Steve Barrett