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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

7-Eleven relocating to Heritage Drive shopping center

The storefronts being renovated next to Hmart in the shopping center on Heritage Drive, Annandale, will house a 7-Eleven and three other stores.

The 7-Eleven behind the shopping center, at 7822 Rectory Lane, is expected to move into the new space in spring 2015, says Jeff Hadlock, president of Redwood Commercial, the company managing the shopping center for the owner, the Webb Companies. Hadlock won’t announce the other new tenants until the arrangements are finalized. That space used to house a dentist, insurance agency, and accountant but has been vacant for more than five years, he said.

Webb plans to build apartments on the site of the 7-11. A gas station nearby has already been demolished.


  1. Noooooo, that parking lot is crazy enough as it is. Having 7-11 in the back did not impact the shopping center. Maybe it is time to have a traffic light for the shopping center on Heritage.

  2. I could see that argument especially considering the traffic coming out of Annandale High School as well. You also have all those stop signs further up which make it hard to make turns because there are no gaps in the cars coming

    Sounds like ground for a traffic study

    At the very least it warrants traffic study

    Just please no more speedbumps haah

  3. Any updates? Looks like a couple store fronts are being worked on unless the one all papered up is the 7/11.

  4. It looks like 7-11 would not move upfront. This will be bad and sad to loose 7-11 from heritage shopping center. I seen that 7-11 for decades.