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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Expansion of Seven Corners Home Depot proposed

The Seven Corners Home Depot is requesting a zoning special exception allowing it to expand into the adjoining storefront, currently occupied by a temporary Spirit of Halloween store. It was formerly a Room Store, and before that, Dollar General.

The expansion is needed because Home Depot has an inadequate area for staging and loading merchandise, said attorney Andrew Painter of Walsh Colucci Lubely and Walsh at the Sept. 23 meeting of the Mason District Land Use Committee (MDLUC).

The store is facing lots of “operational challenges,” Painter said, including a lack of space and an increasing number of contractors picking up large loads of building supplies. The Seven Corners Home Depot is one of the most successful stores in the chain and draws customers from Arlington and D.C., yet it is smaller than the average Home Depot.

The special exception is needed because the expansion would put it in the “big box” category for this area, which is 500,000 square feet.

Janet Hall, the Mason District representative on the Fairfax County Planning Commission, told the MDLUC she is “outraged by the way Home Depot treats the neighborhood,” with pallets of sod, mulch, and fertilizer piled up all over the parking lot and blocking cars trying to get through. It’s unsafe, trucks come close to running over people, and there have been many zoning violations, she said.

“It’s been an embarrassment,” said Hall. “You have got to be a better citizen.”

If the store is able to expand, store manager Tom Gallagher said the materials piled up in the parking lot would be moved inside and additional changes would be made to the interior space.

The MDLUC didn’t take a position on the expansion of Home Depot. Last week, the Bailey’s Crossroads Revitalization Corporation endorsed the proposal. The Planning Commission is scheduled to have a public hearing on it Nov. 5.


  1. Will this in any way impact the G Street Fabrics store currently in the lower level of the area nearby? It already became smaller when a furniture store moved in.

  2. The Home Depot site should be taken by eminent domain and turned into a park site.

  3. I stay away from this one. Too many bad memories from the sniper days.

  4. Factual errors - before Spirit, it was a Super Dollar, not Dollar General. Also, Room Store was not in that location. It was between the dollar store and G St Fabrics.

  5. It's tragic that the HD has offended Janet Hall's tender aesthetic sensibilities. However, given the store's small footprint, I'd say that the mangers are doing a reasonable job of managing their inventory. Especially considering the that much of the demand comes from consumers and not just contractors. Expanding this store makes eminent sense. That's something Ms. Hall clearly lacks.

  6. Is it appropriate for Janet Hall, a public official with voting authority on the Planning Commission, to publicly express such strong opinions before the proposal/request is formally considered by the Planning Commission? Other members of the Planning Commission need time to consider the facts before they form their opinions.

    I hate to see rude attacks like this in print. I hate even more than my Planning Commission representative is the one expressing them.

    1. Of course not, but this is Pennyland isn't it? Getting it done "in spite of the majority constituency" Her (Gross's) underlying plan is probably to turn the HD site into 3500 RSU's...complete with covered parking for 500 white vans. May I offer the future descriptive terminology for these continuing negative and invasive actions by the failing supervisor: being "Masonized" or "Grossed" ...Place your vote now!

  7. Big warehouse type buildings for "contractors" use should be located outside of of densely populated areas!

  8. All the bad things happening in this District and this is where the fight is. Really!!!