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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Board of Supervisors to vote on Bicycle Master Plan

A bicyclist on Columbia Pike in Annandale.
The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold the final hearing Oct. 28 on the county’s first-ever Bicycle Master Plan. The Planning Commission approved the plan Oct. 15.

The master plan, developed by the Fairfax County Department of Transportation with input from an advisory committee, stakeholders, and the public, is aimed at meeting the safety, access, and mobility needs of bicyclists today, while tripling the number of bicyclists by 2020.

It calls for the creation of a safe, connected network of on-road and off-road (shared-use paths and trails) facilities serving all communities, along with appropriate road markings, bicycle parking facilities, intersection improvements, and integration with public transit.

Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling supports the plan and urges its members to bike to the BoS meeting.

The Bicycle Master Plan includes a countywide bikeway network map outlining a long-term strategy for implementing bicycle facilities and road improvements.

The map for Mason District recommends bike lanes be established on a number of streets, including Annandale Road, Edsall Road, Evergreen Lane, Gallows Road, Glen Carlyn Road, Heritage Road, Hummer Road, King Arthur Road, Lacy Boulevard, Lincolnia Road, Marc Drive, Medford Drive, Poplar Street, Ravensworth Road, Royston Street, Sleepy Hollow Road, and Trammell Road.

Many smaller streets would be designated as “shared roadways,” with pavement markings showing where bicyclists should ride.

The report identifies major arterial roads, such as Columbia Pike and Little River Turnpike, as “policy roads.” It says specific bicycle facilities for policy roads should be made in conjunction with other roadway planning and land development factors.

According to the plan, as of 2013, Mason District didn’t have any bicycle lanes and had seven miles of shared-use paths.

For Mason, the plan recommends 20 miles of bicycle lanes, 6.6 miles of “climbing lanes” (bicycle lanes heading up a hill), 17.6 miles of roads with shared-lane markings, four miles of off-road shared-use paths, eight miles of off-road “cycle tracks” (dedicated bike facilities physically separated from vehicle traffic), and 70 intersection improvements.


  1. The only master plan the BOS has now is to kill everyone who uses a bike for commuting or recreation.

  2. this might sound bad but the only people I've ever seen on bikes are young Hispanic men on those little children's bikes. I've never seen any serious bikers anywhere in the area of Columbia Pike.

  3. I fear for my life trying to walk across Columbia pipe. I can't imagine anyone wanting to voluntarily ride a bike on Columbia Pike. They would have to wine and give the bikes a total dedicated man in order for it to be safe.

  4. Arlington has a Bicycle Friendly Community Sign at the entrance of the Four Mile Trail at Columbia Pike.

    I suggest FFX County put a sign at the county line that states: "Fairfax An Unfriendly Bicycle Community"

    VDOT hates bikes, they just want to run all the roadways like expressways and screw the pedestrians and cyclists. FFX-BOS, stop bowing to the VDOT lords and start looking out for its citizens. Its no wonder young people don't want to live here.

  5. Ravensworth Rd? How would that work? There's no space or very little space between Braddock and Davian.