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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Annandale bakery closes

Le Matin de Paris, the long-running Annandale bakery and café, has closed. The small restaurant has been at 7326 Little River Turnpike for several years. Employees at neighboring shops in the Annandale Plaza Shopping Center speculated that that there are too many Korean bakeries in the area, and Le Matin de Paris couldn’t compete. Tous Les Jours, a bakery that is part of a global chain, opened in Annandale in August.


  1. I liked that place best of all of them!

  2. I wonder if ACE Hardware will comeback?

    1. What we really need is to get the original Annandale Hardware back. That was the one before Ace. It was a wonderful old time hardware store with a fantastic inventory. The store stocked bits and pieces of things that had accumulated over many years. Not just prepackaged stuff like Ace. It was full of stuff you couldn't find anywhere else.

    2. Yes, was that Annandale Hardware and Millwork?