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Monday, December 15, 2014

Assault arrest in Annandale

A 22-year-old Annandale man, Bruce Ahn, was arrested by Fairfax County Police Dec. 12 for aggravated assault and brandishing, according to a posting in the daily police blotter.

The incident occurred in a parking lot in the 7700 block of Donnybrook Court at the Heritage Woods North condos in Annandale. The victims were approached by a man displaying a handgun. He struck one of the victims with the gun, then entered a vehicle and attempted to flee when police arrived. One victim received non-life-threatening injuries.

Police from the West Springfield Police Station charged Ahn with malicious wounding, attempted malicious wounding to law enforcement, five counts of brandishing a firearm, driving while intoxicated, destruction of property, and possession of marijuana.


  1. Now this one looks like an outstanding citizen contributing to the success of Fairfax County and the US..........NOT!

    Return to sender, actually return to N Korea where I am certain he will relish all the freedoms there.

    1. No need for xenophobic comment.

    2. This "return to sender" comment has jumped the shark and now serves to do nothing more than to demonstrate the idiocy of the commenter.

      For example, in this particular situation, no evidence is provided through the post or its links to demonstrate that Bruce Ahn is an illegal resident of the USA.

      It should be obvious to all of us by now the USA is a nation of citizens from all races and nationalities.

      Therefore, when an individual (such as Mr. Ahn) is reported to have allegedly violated our laws, unless there is some evidence to indicate otherwise, it is ignorant and serves no purpose to claim the individual is in the USA illegally except to demonstrate the commenter's lack of seriousness.

      These commentators are making fools of themselves and other Americans who (unlike them) consider having secure borders and enforcing our immigration laws a serious issue and not something to get angry about without any evidence.

    3. ^^What he said.

      The real implication is that no jerk could possibly be an actual American citizen, this guy is obviously here illegally...because real Americans are incapable of that sort of thing.

    4. I suggest each of you leave your front door open and unlocked and let any piece of crap in your house since you believe that an unmonitored open door policy is good for our secure homeland.

      You are totally naive to think that everyone that comes to our shores has good intentions. Screening and filtering is not bias it just makes sense.

      While you leave your door open, I suggest you post your SS number on this site too, since no american or non-american could possibly steal your identity or sense of security.

      I think there are more idiot in Fairfax then there are in N Korea, no wonder all the low lifes end up here!

    5. ^^You ended up here too

    6. Wow....racist xenophobic dickwad much? Jesus fucking christ.

    7. See what I mean total low lives cannot even keep from using fowl language......nothing but low class sludge. Please return to sender, that is if they will take you back!

  2. I love the booking photo, it definitely kooks like he had been crying.

  3. To the xenophobic fool posting comments on this site - I have decided you are a pro-illegal immigration plant posting certifiably stupid comments to undermine the reputation of people who support the rule of law.

    While it is theoretically possible for a Fairfax resident to have the foolish views you have, and the resources and willingness to post those views on this website; I think the odds are significantly higher that you are a pro-illegal immigrant/pro-amnesty plant.