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Friday, December 26, 2014

Judge rejects motion to dismiss suit against Bailey's principal

The lawsuit filed by former employees against Bailey’s Elementary School Principal Marie Lemmon and Fairfax County Public Schools is going forward after federal judge T.S. Ellis III rejected the defendants’ request to have the case dismissed.

The case was filed in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria Sept. 25 by a former assistant principal, two former educators, and a former student. They allege Lemmon discriminated against them on the basis of race and religion, retaliated against the former assistant principal, Rachel Charlton, after she became pregnant, and demoted African Americans in favor of younger, less-qualified white teachers.

According to the suit, Lemmon expressed a preference to hire “pretty, young blonds.” Several other former employees submitted statements in support of the plaintiffs.

On Dec. 19 the judge granted the defendants’ motions to dismiss the case with respect to certain counts and denied their motions to dismiss based on other counts.

For example, allegations by the plaintiffs that the defendants failed to accommodate employees’ religious beliefs, harassed employees for their religious beliefs, and discriminated against employees on the basis of race and ethnicity were thrown out. 

The judge denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss with respect to allegations that employees were subject to sexual harassment, were retaliated against for complaining to administrators about being discriminated against, and demoted and denied promotions because of race.

A pretrial conference will be held Jan. 21 to consider the claims, defenses, and possibility of a settlement.

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  1. I continue to be surprise at FCPS board lack of action on this. Sure they hide behind the "can't comment on ongoig legal etc..." But how do they continue to allow Ms. Lemmon operate in her position with this ongoing. The ramifications of this are great and I would assume should she be found guilty would be dismissed and raise many more questions. and settlement? what is this about. As long as it comes out of Ms. Lemmon's pocket and not the taxpayers.