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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Julie Strandlie to succeed Janet Hall on Planning Commission

Mason Supervisor Penny Gross is expected to announce the appointment of attorney Julie Strandlie as the Mason representative on the Fairfax County Planning Commission today.

Strandlie would replace Janet Hall, who has served on the Planning Commission for 20 years and plans to focus on teaching skiing to people with disabilities, including the blind, at Liberty Mountain Resort

A resident of The Pinecrest, Strandlie has served on the Mason District Land Use Committee for the past three years. As an attorney, her specialties are legislative advocacy, government relations, coalition building, grassroots organizing, and legal research. She most recently served as legislative and public policy director at the National Employment Lawyers Association.


  1. Does anyone know how pro developer she is? Or, conversely, how sensitive she is to neighborhood concerns and preservation.

  2. Julie Strandlie12/3/14, 8:28 AM

    Thank you for your question. I am very sensitive to neighborhood concerns and preservation, having served for a total of 10 years on HOA and condo association boards. I look forward to working with everyone from all sides to ensure the best outcomes for our community.

  3. She is a former Director on The Pinecrest's homeowner's association and is sensitive to neighborhood concerns.

  4. Good luck Ms Strandle - as I am sure you know, planning decisions you will be involved in impact all of Mason District, all of Fairfax County (with its need for ratables) the entire greater Washington region (with its shortage of market rate multifamily housing in convenient locations) and even, dare I say, the planet (suffering from green house gas emissions, of which one cause is the legacy shape of our built areas.) Yet many people in Mason, and many people who comment here, are mostly concerned with preserving their immediate neighborhoods in amber, will blast you if you consider anything else. They will also disregard that even when you are trying to help them preserve their neighborhoods in amber, you must deal with the legal rights of property owners, which includes the ability to build by right per existing zoning codes. There are people here who think "build by right" is something invented by hipster urbanists, or greedy developers, and not part of the common law. So again, good luck.

    1. Lord preserve me and my neighborhood from smug, arrogant points if view.

  5. Also, as you probably know, some of those meetings go on until the wee hours of the morning. Good luck!

  6. Prime real estate, time to clean this area up and attract more revitalization projects !

  7. Best of luck at the new position and may your good efforts be a benefit for all of us in Mason.