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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scene around A-Town: Mr. Liberty

What was “Mr. Liberty” doing dancing around on Columbia Pike in Annandale on a bitterly cold afternoon yesterday? Adam Ghoneim, 19, wearing a turquoise Statue of Liberty hat and robe was trying to drum up business for Liberty Tax Service, at 4301 John Marr Drive, which is owned by his mother, Leslie Ghoneim. Adam, a graduate of Robinson Secondary School, works for Liberty 9-5 Monday through Thursday. When he’s not serving as a human billboard, he works at Papa John’s.


  1. I think I saw him at Halloween time in the Castro District...

  2. I think drag queens are moving into Annandale. There may be a gang of them.

  3. OMG, are draq queens really moving in? I thought the Korean gangs were bad enough, but now we are getting drag queens. I think it is time to sell and move.