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Monday, February 16, 2015

Boardwalk renovations at Luria Park to start in a few weeks

Holmes Run near Luria Park.
The Fairfax County Park Authority plans to begin construction within the next month of the second phase of the boardwalk renovation project at Luria Park and Holmes Run Stream Valley Park near the Holmes Run Acres neighborhood.

Workers will demolish approximately 320 feet of boardwalk deck and railing and install a new deck and code-compliant safety railing. Construction access to the site will be from the park entrance on Holmes Run Drive, and there will be parking restrictions near that entrance.

As a safety precaution, portions of the existing trail and boardwalk will be closed to users during the construction. An alternate route using the Camp Alger Avenue trail and stream crossing to the north is available.

Funding for the $26,000 project comes from a park bond approved by voters in 2008. The project is expected to be completed by the end of April, unless bad weather causes delays.


  1. Those of us on the Raymondale end of the park are very excited

  2. Ellie can you post a map, I have no idea where this is?

  3. Here is a link to the map:

    If they had done the bridge with the correct length to begin with, the project wouldn't look like such a glued together piece of crap. The initial cost was almost $200,000 and it looks terrible. Now they are going to spend another $26,000 on a replacement for the boardwalk. I can think of at least 225,000 reasons to spend this money somewhere else.

    Park Bonds .... you gotta love 'em.

    1. The phase 1 part of this project was a fair value at a little over $200k and the bridge is much superior to what was there before. I am thankful we live in a county that invests to make its facilities safe. I was the nearest neighbor to that bridge in 2008 when it almost got swept away in a flood.

      If you don't love park bonds that's fine but we can't have bridges that are swept halfway down Holmes run an unsafe conditions in our parks, so what would you propose to have done?