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Monday, February 23, 2015

Community celebration shines spotlight on Annandale restaurants

“The Taste of Annandale,” a major community event showcasing local restaurants – and much more – is scheduled for Saturday, June 13, 10 a.m.-10 p.m., in downtown Annandale.

This multicultural celebration, organized by Mason District residents and stakeholders, is designed to spotlight the Annandale business district, engage young people, and build community spirit though music, food, and interactive fun for the whole family.

The centerpiece of the Taste of Annandale is the opportunity to try food from a variety of cuisines from local restaurants.

The day-long event will begin with a 5K fun run. Other activities being planned include a chili cook-off contest between Fairfax County police officers and firefighters; an eating competition sponsored by a food company with prizes; cooking demonstrations; a children’s corner with games, crafts, and storytelling; and a stage filled with music and dance performances by local artists.

The idea for the Taste of Annandale grew out of the Annandale Youth Engagement Planning Group, which has been working on developing an initiative targeting local youths. Revenue generated by the Taste of Annandale will benefit the newly created Annandale Youth Fund, which will support youth-led projects to enhance the quality of community and civic life in Annandale.

Rev. Clarence Brown of Annandale United Methodist Church is chairing the Taste of Annandale Steering Committee, which is comprised of representatives of the local business community, nonprofit organizations, and Fairfax County agencies. 

If you’re interested in being a sponsor or vendor  – or would like to join the Taste of Annandale Planning Committee – contact Event Organizer Glenda Olmeda,, 703-946-4087.

Check this blog and the Taste of Annandale Facebook page for updates.


  1. Love those chopsticks in the logo!

    1. I agree. The fork, knife, and plate by themselves would be a pathetic, lame logo. The chopsticks reflect the cultural diversity that makes Annandale great!

  2. Hey is this blog censoring? First my comment was on then it was taken off?

    Negative Zero

  3. Where is "downtown" Annandale?? :-)

  4. Spotted a film crew near Barnside Diner today. Not Annandale but close. Filming a cop. Maybe they are busting that establishment for their spelling of toast as 'oast' on their sign. Been that way for about 8 years. Shows how much they care. And I do call often to order oast to go. They never get my joke😕

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! Love programs that bring our multi-culti, multi-age community together.