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Monday, February 9, 2015

Inova will develop medical research institute on ExxonMobil site

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announces Inova's deal to lease the ExxonMobil property. Looking on are Fairfax County Board Chair Sharon Bulova and Inova CEO Knox Singleton.
Inova Health Systems will take over the ExxonMobil headquarters building on Gallows Road across the street from Inova Fairfax Hospital to create a Center for Personalized Health. Inova hopes the new facility will help it become the world’s leading center for translational cancer research and patient care based on genomic science and individualized therapy.

The anchors of the new facility will be the Inova Translational Medicine Institute and the Inova Comprehensive Cancer and Research Institute.

“Today’s announcement is an enormous leap forward, not only for Northern Virginia’s economy but for our entire commonwealth’s position as a global leader in health care, genomics, and life sciences,” said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe at a Feb. 9 news briefing announcing Inova’s agreement to lease the 117-acre campus from ExxonMobil. The oil company is relocating its “downstream headquarters” to the Houston area.

“This new center will harbor an atmosphere of innovation and unparalleled access to leading-edge technologies and world-class laboratories,” said Inova CEO Knox Singleton. “In addition to driving Inova’s vision for a preventive and personalized approach to health, the new campus will attract internationally renowned clinicians and researchers, as well as business people, thereby fostering future economic growth in the region.”

Singleton said the Peterson Family Foundation will donate $10 million for the new center. He also said Inova plans to preserve the natural resources of the wooded campus to create an appealing and health-promoting environment.

The Inova Center for Personalized Health will make Fairfax County “a community known worldwide for genomic science,” said Gerald L. Gordon, president and CEO of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority.

“The enormity of this announcement is almost indescribable,” Gordon said. “This campus will make Fairfax County a hub for world-class research and the commercialization of ground-breaking discoveries. New companies will grow as a result and more world-class researchers and businesses will want to be here.”


  1. I'm sorry that this couldn't stay on the tax roles, but glad to hear that Inova is keeping the woodsy-ness of the campus. It really is beautiful!

  2. All priase be to INOVA for keeping this place from being sacrificed on the pyre of $7 coffee and $700k condos!

  3. Finally, someone is doing something smart. Keeping investments here to grow our business community.

    1. YES, we will have actual cars and not more white vans with ladders on top! YES we may gain some reasonable comeback to being a middle class economy instead of more day laborers. Thank you Terry, you seam to be tho only business oriented democrat in the County.

  4. This is great news for Mason District. Maybe more jobs and an increase home values.

  5. Thumbs up to all the previous posts! This is good news!!