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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pedestrians injured at Annandale bus stop

Three pedestrians were injured on Little River Turnpike in Annandale at about 11:30 a.m. Feb. 10. None of them sustained life-threatening injuries.

According to Fairfax County Police Department spokesperson Lucy Caldwell, a woman driving in a parking lot near Woodland Road was trying to make a right turn onto Little River and lost control of her vehicle. She hit a bus stop sign, which struck a bus stop canopy. The glass on the canopy shattered and glass fragments struck two women pedestrians. One of the women was transported to the hospital; one was not.

The driver continued onward and “tapped” a male pedestrian on the lower body causing non-life threatening injuries; he was transported to the hospital. The driver then struck a tree, which stopped the vehicle and resulted in non-life threatening injuries to the driver; she was also transported to the hospital.

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  1. Any idea what the problem was on Gallows Rd on Thursday morning around 8:15 am? It was in the area between Annandale Rd and Woodburn ES. Lots of fire trucks and ambulances. Cars going up Gallows towards the Beltway had to turn around or detour through the neighborhood.