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Sunday, February 8, 2015

VDOT plans to widen I-395 southbound in Landmark area

I-395 usually isn't this empty. [VDOT]
The Virginia Department of Transportation plans to construct a fourth lane on southbound Interstate 395 between Duke Street and Edsall Road. A public information meeting on the project has been scheduled for Feb. 10, 7 p.m., at the Holmes Middle School cafeteria.

VDOT believes the new two and a-half mile project is needed to relieve congestion during the p.m. rush period through the Landmark area. There are southbound lanes north and south of that stretch of the highway, but only three lanes within it. VDOT has allocated $6.5 million for a preliminary engineering study for the project.

Local residents have expressed concerns that VDOT’s plan to improve traffic conditions for I-395 commuters will result in more congestion on Edsall Road, Little River Turnpike, and neighborhood streets.


  1. They also need to expand it to four lanes after the first 395 exit going south. 395 under the overpasses for 236 after the exit goes to 3 lanes. That's causes a lot of delays.

    And btw, 6.5 million to just do the sounds ridiculously expensive.

    1. Unclear where you are referring to, the first exit headed south is the GW parkway, right? I think it's already 4-5 lanes at that point. I hope this works, the exit at 236 is a big chokepoint, it would nice if they would widen northbound as well.