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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Annandale Cleanup set for April 18

Some of the trash bags full of litter collected during the 2014 Annandale Cleanup.

The Annandale Cleanup, an annual spring event, has been scheduled for April 18, beginning at 9 a.m. Everyone who cares about keeping our community attractive and litter free is encouraged to volunteer. The meeting point is in the parking lot at George Mason Regional Library. Trash bags and safety vests will be provided, along with donuts and water.  

The Annandale Cleanup is organized by Helen Winter, chair of the beautification committee for the Annandale Central Business District Planning Committee. More than 50 people took part in last year’s cleanup, including Boy Scouts, members of the Korean business community, seniors, families, and individuals with community spirit.


  1. Bring in the dump trucks to return to sender.

  2. Not trying to hijack the post - but did anyone else see a wild turkey walking around Annandale today? It was a male and very large, seen near Jayhawk and Backlick. Loked like it was heading toward the park.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised, we have an amazing variety of wildlife around here. I've seen great horned owls, four different kinds of hawks, foxes, and I'm pretty sure I saw coy-wolf footprints in our yard during the snow. [After researching I've been told that a coy-wolf is more likely than a coyote around here, so the animal I once saw on the side of the road was probably also a coy-wolf and not a coyote as I thought at the time, definitely not a dog or dog prints in the yard.]

  3. I think it is the new canidate running for Mason District Supervisor on the turkey party ticket.

  4. I've been horrified at the amount of trash in Annandale. It wasn't always this way. On one block alone I can fill a garbage bag with recyclables every week. Even Mason District Park is looking like a dump though there are ample trash cans throughout the park. We definitely need a clean up, and how about some "no littering" signs with fines enforced?

  5. Enforce? The BOS wants to stop enforcing the overgrown grass law. In a couple of more years you will need to home school your kids, arm yourself with weapons and have a fire suppression system installed. The BOS will give themselves another pay increase, raise your taxes again and close all the schools, police and fire stations so they can sit on the big butts and do nothing as usual.