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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fairfax County hosts conference for homeowners

The Fairfax County Department of Code Compliance is sponsoring, for the first time, a Neighborhood and Community Conference, to address common problems faced by local residents.

The free conference will be held Saturday, March 21, 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m., at Luther Jackson Middle School,  3020 Gallows Road in Falls Church.

Presentations will offer practical advice to homeowners on such issues as 

  • What to do if you think there is a hoarder or illegal boarding house in your neighborhood.
  • Understanding the zoning rules for how many and what kinds of pets are allowed, home businesses, and storing junk in the yard.
  • Homeowners association best practices and strategies to help resolve conflicts with neighbors.
  • How the county can help control traffic and parking in neighborhoods.
  • What Virginia Department of Transportation is doing to fix potholes, clean streets, and maintain curbs
  • Emergency management and preparedness.
  • Community connectedness.
  • Permitting, planning, and zoning processes.
  • Community engagement with the police.

The topics are based on the results of survey of community leaders. There will also be tables with information on various topics, and staff from DCC and VDOT will be available to answer questions.

The Board of Supervisors requested the conference as a way for county officials to share information about how the county can collaborate with homeowners and community leaders to address neighborhood concerns, interests, trends, and challenges and to provide resources on the issues identified by community leaders as their top priorities.  

Advance registration is encouraged, but not required. To register, email your name and contact information to


  1. The Department of Code Compliance hosting a Neighborhood and Community Conference! That's just to damn funny. All the code compliance information no one could care less about (hoarding ! #1 issue?) and not a word about the real story: why the DCC refuses to enforce the code beyond the barest minimum required for maintaining a plausible deniability that they are in fact doing everything that helps to blight large tracts Fairfax County so the Planning Commission can do everything it can to assist the developers to harvest our stable neighborhoods. The ones we built one day at a time 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 work hours a week for thirty or forty years. Yes, tell us Jeff. Tell us why you refuse to do your job. And bring the County Attorneys along to explained why the DCC inspector's handbook has redacted sections claimed as attorney client privileged so that we cannot find out what the instructions to the inspectors are. This is our County not yours and not Penny's and not the developers'. The privilege should be ours.

    1. Typical government solution to a problem - create a department, committee, or working group, and just kick the can down the road.

  2. This is a direct result of the hard work of the Mason District Council of Community Associations and their efforts on this. They hosted this forum a year ago and met with county officials to ask for this.

  3. I expect this invitation is being sent to apartment managers and posted in apartment buildings too.

  4. I might attend. we have reported an illegal boarding house in our neighborhood repeatedly and nothing was done. They even built on an addition to have more rooms with more people living there. and nothing has been done. they have multiple cars, multiple nationalities, multiple sexes. but apparently they are related. hmmmmm

    1. This is why we need better parking enforcement. Control the side effects of illegal boarders, and things will change. And parking enforcement is far less controversial and housing code enforcement.

  5. Are they going to give the illegals free pizza this time again to learn about what they are not suppose being doing; like trashing up our neighborhoods with their undesirable cultural habits?