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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Repaving, bike lanes planned for Mason District

Evergreen Lane

The Virginia Department of Transportation has confirmed that Annandale Road will be repaved this summer, Mason Supervisor Penny Gross told the audience at a public meeting on bicycle lanes March 25 at George Mason Regional Library. Repaving and bicycle lanes are also planned for Evergreen Lane, but that project has not yet been confirmed by VDOT.

Repaving projects provide a good opportunity for the county to designate bicycle lanes in accordance with the county’s Bicycle Master Plan approved by the Board of Supervisors last fall.

A diagram of Evergreen Lane showing bike lanes in both directions.
Adam Lind, a bicycle planner in the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, said Evergreen Lane in Annandale is fairly wide, about 70 feet, so the best approach is to put it on a “lane diet.” The lanes for vehicles would be narrowed to make room for bike lanes next to the edge of the road in both directions. The bike lanes would be five or six feet wide.

Narrower lanes have the additional effect of reducing speeding, Lind said.

On Annandale Road, the bike lines would extend for about four miles between Gallows Road and Arlington Boulevard. Annandale Road is narrower than Evergreen, so a lane diet won’t work there. There are also two short sections that are a lot narrower – at Walnut Manor Way and Beechview Drive – where the road is only 45 or 46 feet wide.

FCDOT and VDOT are considering various option for those “pinch points,” including making all the lanes narrower than the standard width, making the bike lanes just four feet wide, and creating a “climbing lane” in one direction. The design should be completed in April.

Some of the issues raised by the cyclists at the meeting include the need to maintain the bike lanes so they’re not covered in gravel and dirt and the need to educate vehicle drivers to pay attention to bicycle safety.

VDOT determines which roads get paved based on a measurement of road quality. Ravensworth Road isn’t on the repaving list, even though one person at the meeting said the road is so bad,  his house shakes every time someone drives over a pothole.

Roads should be repaved every five to seven years, said a VDOT official, but lack of funding means some roads don’t get repaved for 15 or 20 years. He said potholes reduce speeding, calling them “inverse speed humps.” The VDOT website has an online form for reporting potholes.


  1. People drive 25 mph if even that *constantly* on single-lane 35 mph Annandale Rd so I don't know why they want even slower!

    1. I'm glad somebody else noticed this! In this fast-paced metropolitan area, it boggles my mind that cars plod along on Annandale Rd, seemingly oblivious to the 35 MPH speed limit. I know that the road surface is horrendous, but it's not THAT bad!

    2. Really, because people speed at 50/60 MPH down Gallows, between 495 and Columbia Pike, which is a 35 mph zone. I feel terribly sorry for anyone who has a house there.

  2. Lack of funding? We are paying extra taxes for roads, an extra 0.7% here in NoVA. Rest of the date pays 5.3% in sales taxes we pay 6%

    1. That extra .7% just goes straight to Richmond, never to be seen again.

  3. I hear the neighbors along Annandale Road do not like what VDOT is doing, they want a Do Over and chance to design all the roads themselves.

  4. Yes, I also hear the neighbors are in abject horror over the significant redevelopment and increase in the scale of the Honda dealership on the corner of Annandale Road and Arlington Blvd. They want this development demolished and built at a smaller scale because they want their idyllic community back.

  5. My comment was deleted again, so I will repeat:

    Has anyone noticed the conditions of our filthy gutter/curbs/shoulder lanes on our roads. I have seen better conditions in third world countries.

    Cyclists are imperiled by these conditions because it causes the bike's tires to loose traction. This is a civil suite just waiting to happen. I bet there isn't one BOS that rides a bike and has a clue how dangerous our roadways are for bikers.

    Its time that FDOT and VDOT recognize cycling as a legitimate means of transportation and develop bike paths that actually connect to something instead of scattered trails that go nowhere.

    Common FFX this is the 21st Century.

  6. When is Old Columbia Pike due for replacing? Not sure why they put in speed humps when the pitted and potholed road is enough to slow down any vehicle.