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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Car crashes into Annandale bakery, injuring five customers

Employees cleaning up after the accident.

A car crashed into the  front of the Napoleon Bakery in Annandale at about 2 p.m., April 12, hitting five customers inside the store. 

Chong Chu, the owner of the bakery at 4217 Tom Davis Drive, said the customers were badly hurt. All five, plus the driver of the blue Lexus G8 350, were taken to the hospital. A statement from the Fairfax County Police Department says all six “suffered apparent non-life-threatening injuries,” and “charges are pending” against the driver.

A Lexus destroyed an Annandale bakery. [FCPD]
The driver was a 75-year old woman from Springfield, who apparently got confused and jammed on the accelerator rather than the brakes. According to police spokesperson Lucy Caldwell, she wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Chu was working in the back of the store and heard the crash but didnt see the accident. The bakery is heavily damaged and is not expected to reopen for some time.


  1. Good job Ellie . Thanks for reporting.

  2. Old people should get driving tests more often to see if they're capable of driving.. They could kill people without knowing what they're doing! My neighbor's daughter died because of an old lady driving 70mph on a highway without knowing there was a "wrong way" sign.

  3. This type of accident is apparently not that rare in Annandale. A car crashed into the Treasure Trove on Columbia Pike in February 2014 and into the Cue Club, also on Columbia Pike, in 2010. A reader said there have been similar incidents at the New China restaurant on Tom Davis Drive and the Shilla Bakery on Little River Turnpike.