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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Resident seeks missing cockatiel

Lia, a female adult cockatiel, escaped from her home on Crane Drive in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood on March 27. 

She weighs about 1 gram and is 10 to 12 inches long. Lia is mostly gray and white and has orange cheeks, a light yellow head and bottom tail feathers, and a high-pitched voice.

She should be approachable and is probably hungry and thirsty. If you see her, contact Laura at


  1. That poor beautiful bird and its owner. If I was that pretty I'd be running away from this district too. Much too ugly of a place for a beauty to reside here.

    1. You guys just aren't even trying any more are you? What's this? a post about a lost bird? better somehow tie it in to the decline of Mason. Jesus. It's a lost bird dude.

    2. Well I am glad you got your head out of the crocuses, now go find the bird.

    3. And its a beautiful bird, I hope it is found.......really. Damn these trolls.

  2. Ok, now these trolling comments are currently my #1 source for mild chuckles.

    I live in a nice Mason District neighborhood.

  3. Crazy Mason District Resident4/1/15, 8:56 PM

    I blame Penny Gross. Anything bad that happens is her fault. Anything good that happens is in spite of Gross. Blah, Blah, Blah! I think Kaye Kory is great. She is a parrot for Fairfax County Public School's Superintendent Karen Garza, Ph.D.

    Find and save Lia the cockatiel.