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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alzheimer's facility planned for Annandale

The new project would be to the right of the Leewood Center on Braddock Road near the Backlick Road intersection.
Fifteen years after the Board of Supervisors approved a housing facility for memory-impaired seniors on Braddock Road next to the Leewood Healthcare Center in Annandale, the project is going forward. 

The 64-unit building, at 7108 Braddock Road, would be associated with the Leewood Center but would be a separate operation, says Barry Ray, a partner in the project, which is being developed by Annandale Property Investment, a company based in Chattanooga, Tenn. The new building would not be affiliated with the Arden Courts Memory Care Community which is also next door.

Ray hopes construction could start by the end of this year if approval of the final plans and permits goes smoothly. The project could be completed by late 2016 or early 2017.

The project was delayed for years because Grace Healthcare, the company that operates the Leewood Center, had been more focused on the nursing home sector. The company is now getting more involved in care for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, Ray says, noting, “the need for Alzheimer’s and dementia assisted living is growing significantly.”

The Leewood Center offers assisted living, adult day care, rehabilitation, and nursing for the elderly, including some clients with dementia.

The architecture and design of the new facility will incorporate the latest Alzheimer’s research, Ray says, and will feature innovative technology components, memory stimulation tools, and “special life enrichment programs that will focus on providing a purposeful day through various therapies and enriching activities.”


  1. Why are most of the senior centers in Fairfax County already in, or slated to be built, in Mason District?

    Yet another way that we get the short shrift by Fairfax County. SPREAD OUT THE OLD AND THE DESTITUTE MORE.

  2. My dear anonymous friend: It is hard to know if you are being serious or trying to be funny.

    I hope someone takes good care of you when grow old and need assistance.

    1. I am dead serous. There is a senior center being built on Gallows Road, and another one on Lincolnia Rd (just steps away from the Lincolnia Senior Center!)

      The only good thing about senior centers is that they won't bring in an influx of children. Otherwise, like many other things, Mason District has a VERY UNFAIR high percentage of the senior centers in the county. This has nothing to do with whether I care about old people or not. I really don't think that populating Mason District with senior center after senior center is smart growth at all.

    2. Do you know for a fact that there are more senior facilities in Mason than any other district? Please provide some evidence of that.

    3. Really. Wow. You don't like old people, you don't like kids, nor the destitute.

      You must be a model citizen.

    4. I am a model citizen, who actually likes Mason District, and wants to see better growth and change. You think that rolling out the red carpet for everyone and anyone makes you a model citizen.

      Ellie, within 10 minutes, I can be at the Lincolnia Senior Center, Golden Living Center, Annandale Day Care (closing), and the new Agape and Gallows Road senior centers. Enough is enough.

    5. Just what is so undesirable about senior facilities?

  3. I don't recall the board of supervisors approving anything like this!

  4. There are only two senior centers in Mason District - Bailey's and Lincoln.
    The new facility on Gallows Road is an ALF. Given the Annandale Adult Day Care Center will be closing on Columbia Pike, I think this new facility is a welcome addition. There is a growing senior population inside the beltway. If family members live in the area, it's a good idea to keep the seniors in the same community where they have lived all of their adult life.

  5. I am tired of infill. The intersection of Backlick & Braddock can not accept anymore traffic of any kind. It is already in the top 5 worst intersections in VA. Penny already approved to have a funeral home (rezoned) right next to the intersection and now this. The neighborhood behind the new alzheimer facility has flooding and eroding issues because of the infill issues. Penny's office is aware of this situation and no action has been taken. When are we going to have smart building not approval for everything?