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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Downed tree poses safety threat to schoolchildren

A downed tree on the grounds of Canterbury Woods Elementary School in Annandale has been posing a safety threat to children walking to school.

Branches are hanging over a sidewalk where children walk to school, and “if they give way, they could easily fall on somebody,” says Jason Radde, who lives on Queen Elizabeth Boulevard next door to the school.

Jason has been complaining to school staff  about the tree, a giant red oak, for years, and nothing’s been done. He says the previous owner of his house has also complained to no avail.

Radde’s father in-law even went to the school three times to talk to school officials. “They sent the groundskeeper out but couldn’t find the tree,” Radde says. “It’s pretty hard not to see it.”

“I would think the safety of children would be important to FCPS, but this makes me wonder,” Radde says.

Meanwhile, during a storm on June 12, another tree fell onto the street in the same area, where parents drop off their kids. Fortunately, no one was there at the time, Radde says. VDOT removed the parts of the tree in the street, but there still are branches dangling precariously.

School officials promised Radde they will look into the tree problem on Monday, so Radde hopes something will be done this time.

Meanwhile, even if Radde wanted to address the tree problem himself, there is a sign banning tree trimming. The sign, installed when Canterbury Woods was renovated a couple of years ago, says: “This area has been reforested as a low-impact development practice. No disturbance or cutting of vegetation is allowed.”


  1. There are areas in our neighborhood where overgrown brush and overhanging branches block the sidewalks. I called zoning; and of course, as usual they could do nothing. It was outside of their jurisdiction. I suppose is is in within the jurisdiction of martians. All they could do is check on the grass. Now the people living there come from the jungle and propbalby don't know any difference. So we are left with having to walk in the street every time it rains. The residents are either too stupid to know the difference or just don't care. The County is too arrogant and have their heads in their butts to work out of their box, which they can barely manage.

    So thank you BOS for putting our children in harms way. It seems that the very fundamental things you are suppose to do, you can't.

    1. Have you tried VDOT? They are responsible for sidewalks. I've submitted sidewalk complaints to them.

      Also - not everything is someone else's problem to take care of. See trash in your neighborhood? Pick it up. See a branch hanging over the sidewalk? Speak to the neighbors or trim it. Being proactive in improving your community goes a long way as compared to calling other people to take care of problem, or complaining.

    2. Don't know where or whom in VDOT to call and those county people did not give me a contact number. And yes we tried to talk to the residents and they told me I should pray to Allah. So much for communication and clearly Allah has not cleared the sidewalk.

    3. I thought they were from the jungle? Your stereotypes are inconsistent. Or I guess they could be Indonesian.

    4. First let me say, I have called VDOT and they said they would inspect the property. So we are halfway there to having a sidewalk our children can safely walk on, instead of having to arm them w a machete to get through this neighbor's overgrown jungle.

      As for stereotyping, perhaps you should read the bible. Before the great flood there were many jungles and then we had deserts, and then we had Allah. Perhaps you Mr. Goldberg should give up your messiah and pray to Allah for a new wig to keep your brain warm and functioning.

    5. Anonymous 6/21/15 2:30 and 8:58, you sure are one big arrogant dope, that's for sure.

      Your stupid rant is typical of those who want to blame the Fairfax County BOS for everything, including the weather.

      If you were capable of reading, you would understand the situation described in this Blog Post is the responsibility of the Fairfax County Public Schools, not the County Government - so blame the School Board or the Superintendent - not the BOS.

      I don't know anything about your personal problem, but I'm willing to wager your neighbor is purposefully doing it just to make your life a little more miserable because you are a pompous, ignorant person - and they want you to move - far far away.

    6. Wow, you must have a confederate flag.

    7. Wow, you must be a Liberal Authoritarian who wants to shut-up anyone who disagrees with your precious point of view.

    8. I suggest you buy one of those overpriced confederate flags and make a burka for yourself and wrap it around your head. Then everyone will know what you stand for, bet the ISIL folks would love it.

    9. Just a reminder guys, this was a story about tree trimming.

  2. FCPS marked the trees with yellow caution tape on June 22 and removed them on June 24.