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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Youth robbed at Culmore Shopping Center

A juvenile was robbed of $450 at the Culmore Shopping Center on Leesburg Pike in Bailey’s Crossroads June 28 at about 2 p.m., the Fairfax County Police Department reports in the daily police blotter.

The youth, age 17, was riding his bike at the back of the shopping center near the post office when he was approached by two men, who demanded money, says FCPD spokesperson Roger Henriquez. They grabbed the victim and took his backpack, $450 in cash, and a cell phone, then fled on foot.

The suspects were described as Hispanic, 22 to 24 years of age, and between 5 feet 6 inches and 5 feet 9 inches tall. Both suspects were wearing a black shirt or jacket, dark pants, and a fishing-style hat.

According to Henriquez, there is no indication that the victim and suspects knew one another. If they were acquainted, the incident wouldn’t have been listed in the blotter because, “it would not be considered a threat to the public,” he said. The only exception is if a weapon is discharged; those incidents are considered a threat to the public even if those involved know each other.

That means there are many more crimes in Fairfax County than those listed in the daily blotter, since most crimes do not involve random victims. The blotter recently starting giving the number of daily service calls, which include traffic calls, as well as crimes. While the blotter for June 30 lists 29 crimes across the county, it states there were 1,361 service calls.


  1. Thank you Ellie for sharing this information.

    The Culmore area of Mason District is experiencing an increase in violent crime - both a recent homicide and this robbery.

    I don't expect this trend to end without more aggressive and effective policing from the Fairfax County Police Department.

    Increasing crime reduces an area's quality of life; and a higher crime rate makes an area less attractive not just to potential home owners but to potential business owners.

    I hope the Fairfax County Police Department receives the help it needs from the Culmore community where this crime occurred to identify and arrest the two individuals responsible for this crime.

  2. My question is why is the 17 year old carry $450 cash? There is something odd there.

    1. Cashed a paycheck but hadn't gone home yet, or drug dealer

    2. A dollar isn't worth what it used to be.

      Little doubt the 17-year old had just cashed his bi-weekly paycheck for flipping burgers for $15 an hour for 30 hours for some local hamburger joint.

      The poor youths of today, they can't make money delivering newspapers like their parents, and forget selling lemonade or cutting grass or shoveling snow for their neighbors.

      The iron-fist of the law cracks down on those enterprising kids -- "What are you doing operating a business without a license? Your lucky your not going to the pokey boy. Now get out of here and don't let me see you operating a business without a license son."

      21st century Amerika.

    3. I had a bank account I had access to at the age of 16 so I could deposit my checks not carry around all that money.

    4. Had the robbers not taken it, FCPD would have under Civil Asset Forfeiture. Sorry for his loss, maybe someday he can move away from Mason.

    5. Also he might work as a waiter, they make basically all their money in cash.

  3. Culmore is a problem7/1/15, 9:30 AM

    Maybe we will get lucky and a developer crane will swoop in out of the sky and raze Culmore. Peking Gourmet Inn can stay, though.

    1. Yeah, good luck with that dream.

      Mollie will no doubt block any such development by blaming Penny for not "standing up" to developers, especially if the new development includes a drive-thru of any kind - never mind Culmore's drive-thru USPS Post Office which is hardly ever used because you can't use the drive-thru to drop off packages.

      But Mollie "listens" to the neighbors and Penny does not.

      What claptrap.

    2. You do understand that the only realistic scenario under which this happens, after some sort of light rail goes in the length of Route 7 from Kind Street to Tyson's, and Culmore is replaced with luxury apartments at twice the density? You want twice the density?

    3. Cumlore is a problem7/2/15, 1:53 PM

      I'll take more density if it means that the slumlord tenements go away. Yes, i'll handily take more density.

    4. Amen, Culmore is a problem!

  4. I am writing about something that has been bothering me for a long time. I think this article lends itself to discussion on important social issue. To me the crux of the situation in Culmore, 7 Corners, Bailey’s and Annandale is the lack of affordable housing throughout the county.

    There is a centralization of the poor in Mason District (Barrios/Ghettos), which is archaic social policy. Putting the poor in one location builds frustration, drives increased gang activity and crime. There is a reason why Mason District is crime central for FFX County. It’s called NIMBY.

    There are districts in FFX County with no affordable housing. In Mosaic and other new areas, developers are allowed to reduce the affordable housing from the 12% county policy if they provide other perks to new development. The poor of Mason District drive distances to show up for work in these districts and new developments, but can’t find affordable homes. So they pack people into overcrowded apartments and put their children and others at risk bringing transients into their aging homes in Mason District. In turn our schools are overcrowded and our social services are overwhelmed.

    Supervisor Gross is VC of the BOS. She has the bully pulpit to address the lack of affordable housing throughout the county. But, does she? She does not live near Culmore, Bailey's, 7 Corners or Annandale. She does not advocate for the poor with developers. Annandale Lanes and South East Quadrants projects are current examples of developer NIMBY.

    In election years, Supervisor Gross re-establishes her Wednesday anti-immigration discussions and accuses her opponents of being anti-immigrant. This is classic Gross. But isn’t it anti-immigrant that Supervisor Gross does not use her VC clout to help establish affordable housing throughout the county?

    Unlike other Supervisors, Gross will not enforce occupancy code because she says the poor have no where to go. Yet, Supervisor Gross allows developers to play NIMBY in her backyard and doesn’t champion the poor through her position on the BOS. Isn’t this anti-immigrant?

    1. Cumlore is a problem7/2/15, 2:00 PM

      I'm convinced that Penny Gross is anti Mason district. I'm not sure WHAT her angle on the BOS as Mason Distrct supervisor is, but it sure as hell is not being an advocate for improving Mason District.

      She lives in Lincolnia Park, which is no paradise, but it is far from being a Culmore.

    2. I say if Donald Trump does not become the republican nominee we ask him to run in a special election to be the new Supervisor of Mason District; pro-bono for course.

      First he would build a wall around Culmore until it self-destructs as it should; no one in, no one out.

      He would put all of the BOS in their place, or maybe throw them over the wall too.

      He would build a gold glass colored skyscraper that would have 7 facets for each grand boulevard culminating in a 70 story landmark, with 7000 units and only those making $7M would be eligible to buy a condo there, It would boast a heliport with regular service to DC, Arlington, Tysons, McClean and New York City, and all the other tony neighborhoods. It would truly be called the new 7th wonder of the world.

      OMG, the NIMBYs would love this, its sounds like heaven.

      However as part of the deal with Trump, Penny’s best friend, there would be statue of Penny Gross at the very top spire of the tower looking down on the NIMBYs with a scouring look.

    3. I guess you are attempting to insert some levity in this discussion. However, the lack of affordable housing throughout FFX County is a serious issue that is not addressed by the BOS and Supervisor Gross. Rather, they just keep piling up people in Mason District and keep them poor.

    4. hitting the LSD a bit hard for a Thursday eh?

    5. One needs LSD to read this blog and live in the Loser Section 8 District (LSD)!

    6. Feel free to move 939. Leave your LSD with me though pls....

    7. No Adam, the LSD is too good. And as for the invite to move, no to that too. Where else can someone get so much delirious entertainment?