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Monday, July 27, 2015

Teahouse with theater opens in Annandale

Soricha Tea & Theater
Annandale has something new and different – a beautiful Korean teahouse with live cultural performances and a wide variety of teas – traditional and innovative – designed to restore your health and lift your spirits.

Soricha Tea & Theater, at 7112 Columbia Pike, is in the storefront that’s been vacant since the School Box closed in 2013.
The stage area can be used for tea drinking, too.
Soricha is a great place for a leisurely conversation while enjoying award-winning teas, says the owner, Eun Su Kim, through translator, Min Ji Kim, a student at George Mason University.

Eun Su Kim is the founder and director of the Annandale-based Washington Sorichung Institute, which provides instruction in traditional Korean music, dance, and other arts.

Performers from Sorichung will entertain guests at Soricha on Aug. 1, 5 p.m. On Aug. 16, a Korean marching band from New York will perform, although it’s not going to be anything like an American marching band, Eun Su Kim says. Tickets for the shows are $25, which includes tea. Reservations are required, as the teahouse only seats 30.

From the left: Soricha employee Jaeim Lee, Soricha owner  Eun Su Kim, and Sorichung Institute student Min Ji Kim.
Free movies are shown every Thursday at 8 p.m. This week it’s a classic from Korea. Eun Su Kim is open to suggestions from patrons about future movies.

Among the teas offered at Soricha Tea & Theater are burdock root tea, which is good for the skin; buckwheat tea for cooling down; hydrangea tea, a sweet variety with lots of Vitamin C and other nutrients; and chrysanthemum, which is said to lower cholesterol. There are several iced teas, including grapefruit tea, on the summer specials list.

When asked about her favorite teas, Eun Su Kim cites plum blossom, balloon flower root, persimmon leaf, red ginseng-citrus peel, and roasted dandelion, which she says tastes like coffee and is a harmless alternative for pregnant women.

Most teas are $7, but customers can request additional hot water, stretching one cup of tea to two or three. Tea also comes with a snack, such as a Korean traditional rice cake known as dduk.

The furnishings in Soricha, including rustic wooden tables, are from Korea, and there is a rotating display of artworks on the walls. Works by local artist In-Soon Shin are currently featured. The tea room is open daily 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

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