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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ethiopian restaurant coming to Annandale

The standalone building at 6669 Little River Turnpike that had housed a succession of Korean/Japanese restaurants over the years will be reincarnated as Dama Ethiopian Restaurant & Pastry.

Thanks to a reader comment (below), we learned the new restaurant is an offshoot of the popular Dama Diner at 1503 Columbia Pike, Arlington. The new restaurant could open by the end of August, says Amsale Dama, the co-owner with her husband, Hailu Dama, who is described on the Dama website as “the best of the ethnic barristas one can find in metro D.C.”

The Annandale restaurant will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the same popular Ethiopian and American cakes and pastries, including vegan varieties, as the Arlington location, which the Damas have operated for the past 15 years. The new place, however, will be more formal and will have a bar and more appetizers.

The Gangam Sushi restaurant, which opened in that spot in February 2013, closed several months ago. Before that, it was Osaki Sushi. 


  1. Ooh...the same one that's in Arlington? I really like their vegan baked goods.

    1. Thanks for that info. It's always good to find vegan items especially baked goods.

  2. Cursed restaurant locations never seem to do well...

  3. They should emphasize breakfast to capture commuters traveling East in the mornings. I understand Ethiopian coffee can be awesome. Lack of direct access traveling west and minimal parking may hamper evening business. But with a popular reputation and unique offerings, I'm hoping this restaurant will succeed where others have failed (all the way back to the Pinecrest Restaurant 30 years ago.) I'm happy I can walk there & another non-Korean option is nice to have.

  4. It's now open. I live nearby. Can't wait to try it out!