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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

No Fall Festival this year

The 2014 Annandale Fall Festival
The annual Annandale Fall Festival won’t be held this year, although the Annandale Parade is still on.

According to the Annandale Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors both events, the Fall Festival has been canceled because its location, in the parking of the Little River Shopping Center, will be affected by a construction project on Markham Street.

Demolition of the bowling alley on Markham Street is expected to start this fall, clearing the way for the development of a 12-story apartment building. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the Markham Place project in December. It will be the first major redevelopment project in Annandale since a revitalization plan for Annandale was approved in 2010.

The 64th annual Annandale Parade will be Oct. 24 along Columbia Pike, with the staging area at the Annandale United Methodist Church. For those of you disappointed that there won’t be a Fall Festival this year, don’t worry – plans are in the works for another Taste of Annandale event next spring.


  1. It is being cancelled for a good cause. Looking forward to the Markham Place project.

  2. Another Taste of Annandale when the weather's cooler? Awesome!

  3. RIP the past..

  4. The "millenials" are already lining up ...HAHAHA