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Friday, August 21, 2015

Ravensworth Shopping Center renovations almost complete

The new home of a Lotte Plaza supermarket.

Renovations of the Ravensworth Shopping Center are about 90 percent complete, and should be ready for a grand reopening in late October, says Rob Seidel of Stewart Commercial Real Estate Services.

The new Lotte Plaza supermarket, however, isn’t expected to open until the end of the year at the earliest. It’s going in the spot formerly occupied by Safeway and will be the fifth Lotte Asian supermarket in Virginia. There are six in Maryland.

A new Kids First Swim School is slated to open in early September across from the post office. [More on this later.]

A new store called Woodcraft – selling woodworking tools, supplies, and lumber – will open by the end of the year, Seidel said. It will be the 73rd Woodcraft franchise nationwide and the sixth in Virginia. There’s one on Backlick Road in the Concord Shopping Center in central Springfield.

It’s going into the spot currently occupied by Eddie’s Shoe Repair, Andrew Gause’s Martial Arts, and Annandale Golf. All those stores are moving to other locations within Ravensworth Shopping Center. The other taekwondo place is also relocating within the shopping center.  

Virginia Stained Glass moved to 6356 Springfield Plaza. The optometrist has moved out, too. Although Smith & Clarkson Deli had initially planned to stay, it has relocated to the Wal-Mart Shopping Center in Burke. Pizza Bazzano has closed and is not returning.  

Landscaping is already under way, and paving in the parking lot will start after Labor Day, Seidel says.

The rest of the tenants, including Kilroy’s, Hong Kong Express, the post office, Boy Scout shop, DQ, Super Pets, Rite Aid, Cabinet Discounters, National Carpet, Swiss Bakery, Royal Valet Cleaners, Headway Hair, Top Ten Nails, and the 7-11 are staying.


  1. The news about Lotte is disappointing. I was hoping for a Trader Joes.

    1. I keep thinking Trader Joe's or MOM organic market be great for the cursed Bloom location. I hope they'd be viable there.

  2. You are kidding, right? In Annandale these days???

    1. I see a lot of tractor trailers at Kmart. Perhaps the Annandale Central Business District Planning Commission has been working to revitalize Annandale into a major truck stop. I understand we have thriving sex trafficking markets to attract more trucker to our sleepy little town. Thank you ACBDPC for all your hard work to make Annandale what it is today. And thank you Director Blackford for all you have done for us these last 6 years. Best of luck in your retirement. How were you ever able to do so much for us on only $160,000 a year?

  3. Trader jones or MOM should go where Magrubloom used to be.

  4. I would love either Trader Joe's or MOM's (or both!). Could these survive with less parking than Magruder's or Bloom? That was a big problem before. Since we have no organic groceries in Annandale these would fill a niche the mainstream marts didn't.

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