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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ghosts, witches invade Annandale shopping center next month

Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike.
The Annandale Chamber of Commerce is hosting “a haunted village” in the Annandale Shopping Center on Friday and Saturday evenings beginning Oct. 16 through Halloween.

A poster on the front door of the Jukebox Diner says: “The Haunted Village of Annandale silently festers in the underworld, except in October when the earth erupts, unleashing screeching phantoms and creepy goblins. Ghostly impressions move through the air while witches cackle amid the graves in this ancient Village.” There will also be a “witches’ graveyard,” according to the chamber’s website.

The Haunted Village will be open 6-9 p.m. on Oct. 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, and 31. Discount admission coupons will be available at stores in the shopping center while supplies last. Children are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes.

The Annandale Shopping Center, at 7040 Columbia Pike, is the one with the two large empty storefronts since the Bloom grocery store closed in February 2012 and Pro Maxx Fitness closed a year ago.


  1. The humor of using the vacant Bloom store as the pic for the post is not lost on me :)

  2. Oh the irony....

  3. Too bad some decent businesses don't fill those empty store fronts. I have to wonder what would motivate an owner of such space to prefer it go empty month after month instead of pricing the lease so it's affordable. I wonder at the empty gym; people signed a petition for the previous tenants to stay but for some reason the landlord would prefer it go empty. I really do smell a rat and have to wonder what these landlords are trying to do to Annandale.

    1. Absolutely. Greed, greed, and greed are forcing good businesses out of Annandale. One example: Healthway; it was an institution for decades, run by decent and friendly people, but the landlord kept forcing the rent up until they could no longer afford to stay. It was really, really sad to see their slow decline. They loved being a part of the community and tried really hard to hang on and make things work, but to no avail.

      I used to shop there with my dad when he was stocking up on supplements (he was a runner and kind of like our family apothecary), and when I became a vegetarian in my teens, I found a whole new reason to shop there. The support and advice they gave me was priceless! I stuck with them even after Fresh Fields moved in--and moved back out again--because I wanted to support a small business that absolutely deserved the same loyalty from me that they had offered to my family since the '70s.

      At least some of the employees from the Annandale store are now working at Roberta's in Fairfax, but it's just not the same, and I suppose it never will be.