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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Inova has big plans for Mobil Exxon site

Inova Health System is planning to develop health-focused restaurants and retailers and technology-centered businesses as part of its Center for Personalized Health on the former Exxon Mobil campus, the Washington Business Journal reported Sept. 30. Inova is set to take possession of the 117-acre property on Gallows Road in Merrifield this week.

The new health center will specialize in precision medicine tailoring treatments to an individual’s genetic makeup. It will also house the $250 million Dwight and Martha Schar Cancer Institute.

The first building is expected to open in early 2016, states the article by Washington Business Journal staff reporter Tina Reed. That facility already has a fitness center, swimming pool, and cafeteria that can serve 2,800 people.

Inova will use that building for public events, such as medical conferences and continuing education, Inova Health Systems CEO Todd Stottlemyer told Reed. It will eventually have a wellness center and services like physical therapy. The cancer center is planned to open in 2018 but there is no timeline for the other buildings.

Another report by Reed, posted Sept. 30, describes a tour of the vast, eerie empty campus, which includes a quarter-mile underground delivery tunnel and a decommissioned helicopter pad. Lots of furniture and artworks remain, as well as cigarette butts in ashtrays in the smoking lounge. 


  1. Thanks for this story! Good to hear the site is going to be re-developed.

  2. I like that it is being redeveloped by a taxable, job creating entity, This will expand the economic base of this area.

  3. Anonymous, INOVA Health Systems is an employer of people, and I agree this venture should, if it goes as expected, expand the economic base of this area.

    However, INOVA Health Systems is a Charitable, Tax-Exempt, Organization. Other than the federal payroll taxes INOVA must pay for the people it employs, I am interested in learning from you what additional taxes INOVA pays.

    1. Do INOVA doctors choose to live in Annandale, Falls Church, or any areas close by to the gargantuan INOVA campus? I'd be curious to know where they tend to reside.

  4. I worry that genetic focused treatments will only be available for the very rich. And will the cancer center offer anything new?

  5. I give them 10 years before they have finished all their renovations and decide to cut down the trees to add more buildings. Charitable, really? There is one thing INOVA has perfected in the last 50 years, how to charge for every possible thing on a bill including the paper it's printed on.