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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lacey store robbed at gunpoint

The Lacey Variety Store [Google Maps]

The tiny Lacey Variety Store at 3716 Lacey Blvd., in Bailey’s Crossroads was robbed at gunpoint at about 10:08 p.m., Oct. 26.

Two men entered the store wearing masks. One displayed a handgun and ordered a man working there to lie on the floor, while the other took money from the cash register, said Fairfax County Police Department spokesperson Roger Henriquez. The suspects then fled, possibly in a vehicle. No one was injured.

Both suspects were described as black, in their 20s, with thin builds and about 6 feet tall. Both were wearing all-black clothing.

There isn’t enough information to determine whether this incident could be linked to other recent robberies in the area, Henriquez said. Detectives might be able to link crimes later when the investigation is further along.


  1. Wow, no idea this little gem existed! Very sorry to heart his bad news. I Will make a point to pay a visit. I hope these guessed apprehended!!

  2. This little neighborhood store is a gem. I hope the hoodlums are apprehended.

    This should not be happening. Supervisor Gross needs to do more to support our police force and help them reduce the crime rate in Mason District. It is higher than all other districts in Fairfax County.

    I understand that the Mason District Precinct has a number of job openings. Why?

  3. Why should anyone be surprised.......this is what happens in the slums. Build a wall, lock the door, throw away the key.

  4. While this is sad, it is not surprising. Crime rates and domestic violence on the rise in Mason District. There need to be more support by the Board of Supervisors for the police. What has the current Mason District Supervisor been doing about this? Hmmm.....

  5. If you attract crime this is what you will get. We need a new Supervisor. I for one am voting Mollie.