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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Barcroft Plaza Starbucks to serve beer and wine

The Starbucks coffee shop at Barcroft Plaza will be selling beer and wine – although don’t expect this to be happening right away. It’s set to become one of a growing number of “Starbucks Evenings” locations that will offer wine and craft beer along with savory small plates, like flatbreads, bacon-wrapped dates, and truffle macaroni and cheese.

There’s an application for an ABC permit in the window of Starbucks at 6365 Columbia Pike, but a company spokesperson says: “We’re in the very early stages of considering Falls Church for the Evenings menu. It’s a long and thoughtful process, and the permit filing is just one of many steps we take.”

The concept is designed to attract more customers in the evenings, and thus increase the company’s profits.

Two Starbucks Evenings are in the works for Arlington (2413 Columbia Pike and 2529 S. Glebe Road), according to ARLnow. There are five planned for Northwest Washington, D.C., a total of 13 across Northern Virginia. 

The first Starbucks Evenings opened in Seattle in 2010 and there are now at least 70 across the United States, with liquor permit applications pending in many more. There are about 12,000 Starbucks in the U.S., and the company hopes to convert 2,000 of them to the Evenings concept by 2020.


  1. This sounds pretty good! I can't wait!

  2. That is if you can find a parking space after the DMV moves in.

    1. Bingo! My thoughts exactly.

    2. I'd think Evenings would start after the DMV closes.

    3. Good point, but my guess is the DMV will close around 5 or 6pm and the lot will clear out.

  3. That is great, but if you want a Corona after they close go to Culmore.

  4. This will be great. I hope our leadership encourages Starbucks to add to their menu.

  5. I wish the ABC store would start a bar as well. We could enjoy the hard stuff there.

  6. How tremendously convenient will this be?

    1. Get your driver's license at the DMV.
    2. Slam a few drinks at Starbucks.
    3. Drive in a haphazard fashion past the police station just down the road and voila: your first DUI!