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Friday, November 13, 2015

Public input sought on revising plan for Green Spring Gardens

The Horticulture Center at Green Spring Gardens.
The public is invited to learn about and comment on a revised master plan for Green Spring Gardens Dec. 2, 7 p.m., in the park’s Horticulture Center. Written comments will be accepted through Jan. 11.

The draft master plan considers several development options for generating revenue, such as the establishment of a privately owned restaurant, coffee shop, caterer, or bakery within the park; expansion of program space separate from the existing horticulture center; and the addition of a dual-purpose facility to expand programming space that could also be rented for private uses.

“Any of the more ambitious options would entail a considerable shift to the overall program and business model for Green Spring Gardens, requiring substantial physical construction, relocation of existing uses, and expansion into new service areas,” the report states.

“Although there may be benefit to the consideration of these alternatives for the continued viability of Green Spring Gardens, meaningful and thorough feasibility studies must be conducted to support such a shift,” it states. And that would require resources not currently available in the county budget.

Other recommendations in the draft plan include the following:
  • Provide additional parking.
  • Improve access for pedestrians including increased connectivity into the park from surrounding communities and ensure safety for pedestrians through crosswalks, lighting, and walk signals.
  • Add public art to the park.
  • Ensure park facilities are accessible to people with disabilities and where that’s not feasible, provide interpretive features.
  • Ensure any development would have minimal impact on stormwater by improving drainage and using porous pavement.
  • Enhance fiscal sustainability by generating revenue through public programs, sponsorships, donations, and volunteerism.
  • Before any ground-disturbing activities are undertaken, an effort should be made to minimize the impact on archaeological deposits and cultural resources.
  • Elevate the visibility of the fermentation tank foundation while ensuring it’s protected from further damage.
  • Ensure any improvements within the 18th century historic house do not conflict with the historic character of the building.
  • Establish a historic overlay district to protect Green Spring Gardens’ historic resources.

     The planning process for revising the master plan started last January with a public meeting.

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    1. I'd like to see a pedestrian light at Braddock Rd and the entrance into Green Spring Park. When we are walking and go into Green Spring, the pedestrian light would enable crossing Braddock easier and safer.