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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

102-unit townhouse project proposed for Edsall Road

The entrance to Monticello Mews on Edsall Road, with the Isabella on the right.

A 102-unit townhouse project is proposed for Edsall Road in Mason District next to the Isabella condominium and Jefferson Green townhouses.

The landowner, DRW Inc., has submitted a rezoning application to revise the proffers approved in 1981. The 10.7-acre property is zoned R-12. A Dec. 9 public hearing by the Planning Commission has been postponed, and a new date hasn’t been set.

Elaine Cox, a land planner with the Hunton & Williams law firm, and other representatives of DRW described the proposed Monticello Mews project at the Nov. 23 meeting of the Mason District Land Use Committee (MDLUC). The townhouses would be two or three stories and would have a garage but no basement. Five smaller “workforce dwelling units” would be included to meet Fairfax County’s requirements for affordable housing.

Residents would have memberships in the Bren Mar Recreation Association on the other side of Edsall Road. Cox said the developer will try to retain an existing dog park, as requested by residents of the Isabella and Jefferson Green. All three communities would use, and jointly maintain, the existing access road from Edsall Road.

MDLUC member Stephen Smith, who is also the homeowners association president for the Overlook on the other side of Edsall Road, said the application doesn’t include enough parking. Two spaces per unit is inadequate, he said, because most people use their garage for storage and park in spaces designated for visitors. That means visitors have to park in residential neighborhoods far away.

Smith also raised concerns about traffic, the design of the townhomes, the lack of open space – and most important, the fact that the proffers do not call for any money for Fairfax County Public Schools. Bren Mar Park Elementary School is overcrowded and doesn’t even have a ball field because that space if full temporary classrooms. He estimates the new project would add about 48 school-age children.


  1. Go Steve Smith. Why do developers always leave out those little details--parking, schools, open space. Don't forget stormwater control. Developers tell you they've taken care of the stormwater control but what they don't tell you is the new homeowners are the ones who have to maintain the system and change the filters, etc. That costs money yearly. Get the developer to put money in reserve for stormwater maintenance. Get the developer to put money in reserve to maintain the joint road into the development. Otherwise the other two older developments will have to pay more money for the new development. The developer will tell everyone not to worry about anything because they've taken care of everything--NOT. They will be long gone before things start falling apart. You might say I'm a nimby, I'm NOT, I've just had experience with the developers around here.

  2. > 102 houses

    > 5 are affordable

    The problem with this area in a nutshell.

  3. I wish the county would stop calling trailer classrooms "temporary." They're not going away anytime soon--especially not the ones with actual foundations under them.

  4. There should be improved bus service there, and bike lanes on Edsall. And two parking spaces per unit is not enough? That is insane