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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Four people arrested for shoplifting in Bailey's Crossroads

Four people were arrested for grand larceny at the Crossroads Center in Bailey’s Crossroads Dec. 16, the Fairfax County Police Department’s Daily Blotter reports.

A shopper noticed four people working together to conceal merchandise, take items from stores, and bring them to a vehicle in the parking lot. Police investigated and found stolen merchandise from various stores in the shopping center worth more than $2,500.

All four suspects were arrested. Sherry Box, 31, Chantelle Bloomfield, 24, and Patricia Hill, 35, were charged with grand larceny and possession of burglary tools. Joseph Tawiar, 38, was charged with grand larceny. All four are from Prince George’s County, Md.


  1. What, there's nothing to steal where they live? Oh that's right they live in PG, where there is nothing to steal except its little used formal name...

  2. Yay for the shopper who reported them & yay for the police who caught them red handed. Is it unusual for women to be caught stealing?

  3. Problem is now we have to pay to house them. Why here?, they probably already been bust in PG and band from their malls.