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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ABC applications withdrawn for local Starbucks

The Starbucks coffee shops at Barcroft Plaza and Bradlick shopping centers won’t be selling beer and wine after all. The Starbucks corporate office had initially identified those cafes for conversion to the Starbucks Evenings concept, which adds beer, wine, and more food options to the menu.

Starbucks has withdrawn application for liquor licenses to Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for those Starbucks plus one in Herndon. Starbucks hasn’t responded to an email asking why the applications were withdrawn.

ABC licenses are still pending for 13 other Starbucks in Fairfax County, although none of them are in Mason District. An ABC license has already been approved for a Starbucks at 2925 S. Glebe Road in Arlington.


  1. There are numerous other local coffee shops/bakeries that I gladly patronize for a cup of coffee over Starbucks, but nice to see that they are trying to stay relevant in some places.

  2. Oh ....Why???????! I needed this conversion to help take the edge off the DMV office moving so nearby. Now the only extra liquid in my coffee will be my own tears.

  3. They are probably planning on closing the Starbucks once the morons from Richmond move the DMV in.

  4. Darn. I was hoping to get wasted at Starbucks and drive around near the student drivers at the DMV. ;)

    1. Good one. You made me laugh on that one.

    2. Great idea, we can turn the Barcroft Plaza parking lot into a bumper car banging playground. Hey by the way you will still have the ABC to buy your booze and get your revved up for your banging event.

      Lets start a Mason DMV banger club? Come to Barcroft Plaza and bang your DMV applicant. If they escape the banging, they get a DMV award, a VA license.

      Im liking this big time, Barcroft Plaza can become famous. Anyone want to help me write up a business plan? I bet Federal Realty and the DMV would want to capitalize on this by charging an admission fee and tax on the winners' proceeds.

      Capitalism, you got to love it!

    3. My wife is quite adroit at escaping a banging.