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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Townhouses planned for Heritage Mall

There's a field and parking lot behind Heritage Mall.

There a plan in the works to build 68 single-family attached housing units behind the Heritage Mall shopping center on Heritage Drive in Annandale. The proposal also includes a community center, improved pedestrian connectivity, and improvements to the shopping center parking lot and plaza area.

The project would require an amendment to the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan, and the Board of Supervisors on Jan. 12 authorized the planning department to begin that process.

“This is a real opportunity to make an improvement and provide affordable housing,” Braddock Supervisor John Cook told the BoS. The property is in the Braddock District.

According to Cook, a plan was approved in 2006 to allow mixed-use redevelopment on the site but that project never materialized and is no longer considered feasible. More recently, a gas station next to the 7-Eleven at the rear of the property was demolished. The storefronts next to Hmart were renovated in 2014. 


  1. a development that needs to amend the Comprehensive Plan, shocking!

  2. No one is going to want to buy one of the houses if the check on Braddock Elementary.

  3. It will be years before this project gets approved and built - if it does happen. A lot can change at a school by then.

  4. Just what is needed off Heritage Drive -- more town houses!

    1. Density is ok if it is done right. For example, if the residents can also get around safely by walking, bicycling or using transit. However, it's a headache to everyone if we all sit in traffic in our cars while breathing in the fumes from the cars in front of us.

  5. Is the developer contributing $816,000 (2x68x60000) to the Fairfax County Public Schools to educate 2 children per Apt. for the first year? No...we FFC taxpayers will pick up the tab.

  6. The shopping center needs the parking spaces in the back for the shopping center. Making town homes behind of center will create more traffics and a conjugated shopping center up front. Also what about the 7-11 will it close or move up front it's been their for decades. Redwood commercial should have also accommodated them after the new spaces were created.