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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winning ticket in 'Cash4Life' lottery sold at Barcroft Plaza

A lucky shopper bought a lottery ticket at the Harris Teeter in Barcroft Plaza on Columbia Pike, Falls Church, that won the Virginia Lottery’s Cash4Life game. The winner has the choice of $1,000 a day every day for the rest of his or her life or a one-time payout of $7 million.

The winner hasn’t come forward yet. People have 180 days to claim their prize. Sometimes people wait until the last day to come forward, said a spokesperson with the Virginia Lottery. In many cases, people seek financial advice before deciding which payout option to select. We’ll know soon enough; Virginia law requires lottery winners to be publicly announced.

The winning ticket purchased at Harris Teeter matched all six numbers in the Jan. 7 Cash4Life drawing (14-31-37-54-56 and Cash Ball number 1). The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 21.8 million. Meanwhile the jackpot in the multi-state Powerball lottery has grown to an unprecedented $1.5 billion.

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  1. I was always preferring games with the higher odds: like Cash4Life to Powerball. Still this time I can't withstand the temptation to play Powerball. Usually my lottery winnings happen when there come a sudden urge during the shopping. Hope this time it will also work. My thoughts on Powerball numbers hurry-scurry.