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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Car erupts into flames on Columbia Pike

Drivers heading toward Annandale today might have seen a car in flames on the side of the road in front of the Buddhist temple at 6822 Columbia Pike. No one was hurt. The car, however, is a burned-out shell.

Heath Brown with what's left of his wife's BMW.
Parklawn resident Heath Brown says he was heading to Bethesda for an errand in his wife’s car, a 2011 BMW X5, when he noticed smoke coming out of the vehicle. Drivers in passing cars were waving wildly at him, so he pulled over. When he opened the doors, flames two to three feet high were coming out of the car.

Brown, the former president of the Parklawn Recreation Association, seemed to be taking it all calmly as the car was being loaded onto a tow truck. “That’s what insurance is for,” he said.


  1. Where do you haul a car that's been gutted by fire?

  2. Glad to hear no one was injured. A car is just a thing that can be replaced.

  3. So THAT'S why they had the road shut down. Thanks Cyra and Ellie.

  4. I am so happy he was safe.

  5. Hey, Heath, I have a fine 2001 Green Ford Van you can drive . . .