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Monday, February 29, 2016

County seminar will address neighborhood problems

Attention community association and HOA leaders: Want to learn how to deal with neighborhood problems and recruit more volunteers?

The Neighborhood Concerns Seminar is for you. It’s Saturday, March 5, 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m., at Falls Church High School.

This free event is sponsored by the Fairfax County Department of Code Compliance and is open to the public. Registration is encouraged but not required. To register, submit your contact information here.

There will be tables of information and presentations by staff from various county agencies and the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Topics include the following:
  • What to do if you think there is a hoarder or illegal boarding house in your neighborhood.
  • Understanding the zoning rules for how many and what kinds of pets are allowed, home businesses, and storing junk in the yard.
  • Homeowner association best practices and strategies to help resolve conflicts with neighbors.
  • How the county can help control traffic and parking in neighborhoods.
  • What VDOT is doing to fix potholes, clean streets, and maintain curbs.
  • Emergency management and preparedness.
  • Community connectedness
  • Permitting, planning, and zoning processes.
This will be the second county conference on neighborhood issues; the first one was last March at Luther Jackson Middle School.


  1. Counter-proposal:

    Attention Community Members: want to learn how to deal with your neighborhood HOA? The Human Beings Concern Committee is for you!

    Topics covered will include:

    * Getting your HOA to elucidate how many salaries they pay on the $300/mo you give them for which you see only the benefits of trash service and ragged curbside petunias.

    * Appropriate use of spacetime wormholes to bring your garbage can in at noon so as to avoid notices taped to your door.

    * Fifty Shades of White: how the laws of optics dictate your shutter moulding will always be the wrong color

    * Is your parking pass system arbitrary enough?

    * Senior Military Wives With Tiny Dogs : A Cultural Safari.

    Come join us!

  2. Seriously!? With all the code compliance issues we have you put hoarding first on list? Jeff, hoarding is a distraction. Almost no one cares about hoarding despite your campaign to use it to divert attention from the thousands of neighborhood destroying violations that go on day after day for years in front of your part-time make-believe so-called code compliance department. Make this dog and pony show special this time and tell us why you refuse to enforce the code of Fairfax.

  3. I for one am tired of hearing from the County how they do not enforce our laws and it allows 20 people to live in a single family home with their 8 or 9 cars because they are "related". Penny is our Supervisor still so we have at least four more years of this crap.