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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scene around A-Town: Big bag of trash hanging on a tree

Thank you to the bus riders who are depositing their trash in a bag instead of leaving litter all over the ground. This bag of trash has been hanging on a tree for weeks at a bus stop in front of Justa’s Chicken at 4711 N. Chambliss St., Lincolnia.

The Annandale Blog first heard about it in December, but we don’t know how long it had been there. It survived the blizzard and was still there on Feb. 6. The manager at Justa’s Chicken told us the bag was put up by someone who waits at the bus stop.

Will this trash ever be collected? Apparently not. The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority doesn’t collect trash at bus stops; it’s the county’s responsibility, a WMTA spokesperson says. According to a Fairfax County spokesperson, the county doesn’t have the funds to collect trash at bus stops without shelters, like this one.


  1. good for them but also funny as Penny has fought trash cans going in shopping centers as she said it encourages dumping which isn't too logical

  2. Sure it's not the business's responsibility, but would it kill them to just take this full bag and toss it in their dumpster?

  3. I must say at least the trash is in the bag and not on the ground. If I was one of those business there I think I would just adopt that bag and throw it in the dumpster. It helps them out to not to have trash on the ground in front of their business. I must ask though why did they not just tie it to the bus stop pole?

  4. Seriously? Why is so much trash deposited at a bus stop? Why can't people and businesses just take some responsibility for the space in front of their homes or businesses?

    Of course the county doesn't have the money for things this; most of it goes to schools.

  5. This just reinforces that Mason District is now the FFX District DUMP! An absolute disgrace and if Penny is responsible for this she needs to get some training in Urban Planning and the needs for trash containers at all the bus stops. Some illegal probably thought they were doing a good thing.

    Even Mexico keeps their streets cleaner. Mason you should be ashamed.

    1. You all have hit a raw nerve with this one. I take the bus from Columbia Pike and Braddock every day. And most of us Federal and Military employees that travel everyday are forced to stand in pile of garbage at this bus stop with out a trash bin.

      It is disgusting, before the snow and after the snow melted we were left with bags of corn cobs, chicken bones, beer and soda cans, water bottles, fast food wrappers and some unknowns that I prefer not to describe. Very pathetic for a County that has always primed itself as being a great place to live. It is no wonder that so many people are angry with both political parties' career politicians, its because we cannot take care of our own.

      Many of the neighboring communities including mine (Parklawn) puts a garbage bag out there and we attach it to the abandoned news stand. Typically we put a black bag out there to be less conspicuous. But then the problem is, there is no one to take it away unless we drag it to a nearby house and ask them to use their trash bin. BTW, I have a 60 hour a week job, and so do many of the others that take the 16L to work. WE DO NOT NEED A SECOND JOB AS A DAILY GARBAGE PERSON.

      Penny and Kaye do you think that our wealthy County could afford to implement a trash bin and collection program at bus stops to manage this very undesirable situation that is getting progressivley worse?

      Richard C. Zambito

    2. I absolutely agree with this. If I was looking around for a house in Mason and I saw all this trash, I would run the other way. Its our middle income neighborhoods are suffering from this trash plague and not Lake Barcroft or Sleepy Hollow that are economically insulated. Its the medium priced housing stock that are attracting folks that are use to living amongst trash and piling multiple families (alias relatives packed into these houses, or these are rentals where they just don't give a damn) and see no problem with any of this this. Have you seen some of the trash loads that are put on the street for pick up, overflowing. Many times I have to pick up their lose trash and put back in the containers, when I can fit it in amongst the overflowing trash container.

      As a result trash attracts/begets trash and that is one of the many reasons why Mason neighborhoods are in decline. If the County can't keep its house clean don't expect the new people moving in to understand and assimilate the value of keeping our streets and their front yards trash free.

      I am not even sure anymore that our Mason Supervisor understands this as a problem, because if she did we would not have a garbage bag hanging from a tree. She just may be too busy with her Deputy Chair responsibilities to care because she is focused on County issues and not her district. And BTW I drove by that intersection tonight 2/11 and that garbage bag remains hanging off that tree filled to its brim as a welcoming mascot to Mason District, shame, shame, shame on our leadership. Mr Zambito you are right on the mark with this issue.

    3. Do you know how low farebox recovery is for WMATA bus service? It is pretty damn low. We are lucky to have bus service at all, and at such a low cost.

    4. Da, hello 9:55, I don't think the commenter was commenting on bus service, I believe the comment was addressing the abundance of trash at bus stops and the unavailability of appropriate disposal accomodations. This is true of the entire district, not just the bus stops. Mason is turning into one big trash heap.

  6. Remember rule #1 of corrupt county government: There's always plenty of money for handouts and subsidies for wealthy developers, but never for basic services like picking up trash.

  7. As of 2/21/16, the trashbag is still there. Doesn't even Justa's want to keep the area around their business clean to attract customers?