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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Scene around A-Town: Frogs!

I’ve walked along the Holmes Run Stream Valley trail several times a month for years and never saw anything like this: On Sunday, Feb. 28, a large puddle next to the trail was filled with hundreds of very loud frogs. This was on the part of the trail in Annandale near Round Tree Park. 

The warmer weather – the temperature hit 67 degrees that day – maybe encouraged the frogs came out of hibernation early. Someone else walking on the trail said he was at the same spot the day before and there were no frogs. There seem to be lots of frog species in Northern Virginia; can anyone identify the ones here?


  1. They are wood frogs according to the Park Biologist, who was on site. My wife and I saw them there last year, too. You'll see the tad poles swimming in a few weeks.

    1. My old 8th grade biology teacher called them "spring peepers" because of their loud chirping.

  2. How wonderful, thank you Ellie for this post. I frequent the trail too, and have never seen these frogs. We are very fortunate to have this wonderful piece of nature hugging Parklawn.

    Richard C. Zambito


  4. @8:56 am - these are different from spring peepers, at least the ones I am familiar with. These have a kind of croaking bark. Peepers peep. Very different noise. The wood frogs in my pond have been going crazy for the past three days, and have produced some magnificent egg masses. If you have any questions, the wonderful naturalists at Hidden Oaks Nature Center are very knowledgeable, and can answer your questions - (703) 941-1065.

  5. The Wood Frogs are breeding in the vernal pools at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, and you can learn all about these critters by joining in an amphibian survey. Participants age seven to adult will have a chance to help park staff collect and release frogs and record data for an amphibian survey from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, March 11, 2016. Don’t forget to wear your waterproof boots and bring a flashlight along. The cost is $6 per person. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.
    Wood Frogs!Click to Register with Parktakes Online

  6. As a child in the early 80's I enjoyed hearing them back there at the break of Spring every year, but they seemed to have disappeared when I got older. Likely due to disruption of habitat during past construction and sewer line activities. I'm happy to hear the wood frogs are doing well!