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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Clinton and Trump win Virginia primaries

Donald Trump may have won Virginia’s Republican presidential primary March 1, but Fairfax County Republicans preferred Marco Rubio, according to election results reported by the Virginia Department of Elections.

Results in the Democratic primary in Fairfax County closely mirror the statewide results: Hillary Clinton won the primary with 64.3 of the votes statewide, compared to 35.2 percent for Bernie Sanders. In Fairfax County, Clinton got 63 percent among those who voted in the Democratic primary, and Sanders got 36.4 percent.

According to statewide results in the Virginia Republican primary, Trump got 34.8 percent of the vote, compared to 32 percent for Rubio, and 16.7 percent for Ted Cruz. Rubio, however, got the most votes in Fairfax County, with 40 percent of the vote, compared to 25.1 percent for Trump, and 12.9 percent for Cruz.

Among precincts within Mason District, Trump did best in Plaza (41 percent), Rubio did best in Parklwn (44.5 percent), and Cruz did best in Hummer (17.9 percent).

In the Democratic primary, Clinton got the most votes in the Camelot precinct (73.9 percent), and Sanders did best in Parklawn (42.7 percent).

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