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Monday, March 28, 2016

Former Hess station in Annandale is now Speedway

The former green and white Hess gas station at 7100 Little River Turnpike in Annandale is now a red and white-trimmed Speedway station.

Actually, the Marathon Petroleum Corp., the owner of the Speedway convenience store chain, bought Hess Corp.’s retail operations over a year ago for nearly $2.9 billion. “We’ve been operating as Speedway since October 2014 and only just got around to changing the signs last Tuesday,” says manager James Thomas.

Speedway is retaining the Dunkin' Donuts store-within-a-store. The same employees are still working there, and you still have to pay for air for your tires. The convenience store was added to the Hess station when it was was renovated in 2013.

What’s new, Thomas says, is customers’ access to the Speedy Rewards program. There’s a Dunkin' Donuts Club, Frito Club, Coca-Cola Club, and many more where you get a coupon for a free item after buying six. You can also sign up to earn points when buying gas and merchandise and cash them in for free items. 

A gallon of regular gas at the Annandale Speedway was $2.05 on March 28, according to GasBuddy. Gas prices in Annandale ranged from $1.98 at the Backlick Road Service Station to $2.15 at the Exxon station on Gallows Road and Holly Road.

Speedway operates 2,770 gas stations in 22 states on the East Coast and Midwest.


  1. The Xtra mart on Braddock and Lincolnia Roads is now a Mobile station.
    Gas prices went up.

    1. Has prices went up everywhere. They are not a lot higher now that it's Mobil. And they still have wacky weekends with 6 cents off a gallon.

  2. That air pump is worth the $1. When you start it, you set the air pressure to the required PSI. Then just fill your tires. It will shut off when you reach the PSI, and you can start on the next tire.

    1. Came here to post something similar. I don't get excited about a lot these days, but this air pump is badass.