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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New principal sought for Bailey's Lower Elementary School

The lower campus of Bailey's Elementary.
Fairfax County Public Schools plans to hire a new principal for the original Bailey’s Elementary School, which serves prekindergarten through grade 2.

Parents are invited to a meeting on the principal selection process March 7, 7 p.m., at Bailey’s Lower.

Marie Lemmon will continue as principal of Bailey’s Upper Elementary School, which serves grades 3-5. Lemmon has been principal of both campuses since Bailey’s Upper opened in September 2014 at 6245 Leesburg Pike. The old school is about 1.4 miles away, at 6111 Knollwood Drive.

FCPS plans to have the new principal in place on July 1, states Fabio Zuluaga, assistant superintendent, Region 2, in a Feb. 29 email to parents

Zuluaga encourages Bailey’s parents to submit input to FCPS, preferably via email, on “the skills, experience, and leadership characteristics needed for Bailey’s Lower Elementary School,” along with “any challenges or issues that a principal will need to address.” Feedback should be submitted by March 14 to Michael Parker, FCPS Human Resources,

According to the email, “principal professional skills include instructional leadership, school climate, human resources management, organizational management, communication and community relations, professionalism, and student academic progress.”


  1. TOTAL JOKE - THANKS TO PENNY GROSS - we now pay double the salary for what could have been one school on the current campus. SICK

    1. Yes, heaven forbid that an elementary school on two campuses, with an enrollment of two/three times that of the national average of ONE school, as well as two/three times as many staff members--WHICH IS NECESSARY--should have more than one head principal.

      Please; put your politics away for once. I neither despise nor love Penny Gross, but I'm more than fed up with the bellyaching about her on this site. As Ellie calmly suggests, your reaction here is yet another knee-jerk anyway. I'd like to add that neither your nor any other Annandaleblogspot reader's kvetching and hyperbole ("Sick"? Really??) is going to change a thing. Take a long, deep breath and move on. Please.

  2. The school board oversees school issues, not the Board of Supervisors.

    1. The Board establishes county government policy, passes resolutions and ordinances (within the limits of its authority established by the Virginia General Assembly), approves the budget, sets local tax rates, approves land use plans and makes appointments to various positions.