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Monday, March 21, 2016

Planning Commission endorses townhouses for Edsall Road

The future site of Monticello Mews with the Isabella in the background.
The Fairfax County Planning Commission unanimously approved the Monticello Mews project March 16. DRW Inc. is planning to construct 99 townhouses on a 10.7-acre parcel on Edsall Road in the Alexandria portion of Mason District. It’s the third and final installment of a development that includes the Isabella condominium and Jefferson Green townhouse community.

The site was rezoned R-12 in 1976. The current approval process deals with amendments to the proffers.

During a Planning Commission hearing on the project March 9, nearby residents raised concerns about density, traffic, and lack of green space.

At the March 16 meeting, Kelly Atkinson of the county’s Department of Planning and Zoning, said DRW agreed to make several changes in the proffers after the hearing: A traffic signal will be installed on Edsall Road if the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles approves. If not, a pedestrian crosswalk with a flashing signal will be added.

Also, additional buffering will be added along Edsall Road, and stormwater management will be improved. and garages on the units will incorporate a recessed area for trash and recycling bins. DRW had previously agreed to voluntarily contribute $99,000 to Fairfax County Public Schools.

The developer agreed to include in the covenants for the homeowners association a statement banning garages and rooftop terraces to be used for storage.
    “This is an excellent example of community-based land use planning,” said commissioner Julie Strandlie (Mason). “They listened to community concerns.” She also noted that this type of negotiation won’t be possible after July 1 when new state legislation on proffers takes effect.

    The next step is a public hearing before the Board of Supervisors. A hearing date hasn’t been announced yet.


    1. > Homebuyers will be informed that garages must be used for cars, not storage.


      1. If they have an HOA like mine, someone will be checking and reporting and fining the non-compliant.

      2. Of course, also hilarious. All the owners will be renting their townhouses out as boarding houses. There will be no one to complain except the surrounding neighborhoods. Good luck to them.

    2. The Planning Commission is incapable of shame.

    3. If this is an example of what can't happen after July 1, because of the proffer legislation, then the communities aren't losing anything!! This great negotiation the county got for the community are minor things that should be happen in a new development anyway. Don't worry about the proffer implementation on July 1, the county administration will continue to negotiate for itself and the developers, not for the community.