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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spectrum vows to clean up Route 7 development site

Six mattresses piled up behind the old Geico building.
Spectrum Development, the company planning to build a retail center on Leesburg Pike in Bailey’s Crossroads, is planning to remove the trash, old mattresses, and furniture piling up on the site. Residents who live nearby have sent several emails to Mason Supervisor Penny Gross in recent days complaining about the trash, as well as people camping out and drinking on the property.

Piles of litter on the future site of a shopping center in Bailey's Crossroads.
According to one resident, the police were called three times on March 26 and arrested one drunk person sleeping on a mattress by the donation boxes and told other individuals sleeping on the property to get out. The police told a resident they couldn’t do anything further because they didn’t know who the property owner is.

“We’re hiring a contractor for trash pickup and will have a person go by and check the property regularly,” Peter Batten, a principal with Spectrum, told the Annandale Blog March 28. “Quite frankly, we didn’t realize the trash would accumulate so fast. We will have a management system in place to manage the trash this week.” He also said he plans to “work with the police to make sure unlawful activity is not taking place.”

Old furniture accumulating next to the old Geico building on Route 7, which will be torn down to make way for a retail center.
 Batten estimates construction of the retail center could start by the end of the year. Spectrum has already signed a lease for a stand-alone CVS and has letters of intent from Sleepy’s and T-Mobile. The company is seeking two or three other tenants, including at least one fast casual restaurant.

Spectrum is currently working on the site plan, which needs to be approved by the county, and has submitted a traffic management plan to the Virginia Department of Transportation, which includes new turn lanes at the Washington Drive and Charles Street intersections with Route 7 and calls for moving the access point on Washington Drive closer to Route 7.


  1. there should be a big welcome to Mason District sign right there as basically shows what most of the district looks like in one small footprint.

  2. I thought the mattress store was not scheduled to open in another 18 months. Oh, my mistake this is Culmore and this would be a mattress store - I guess instead of a Sleepys its a DUMPIES.

    1. LMAO, so true but so sad

    2. i like that Penny didn't address the issue but the developer stepped up as she was walking around clueless. she reminds me of the secretary in ferris bueller who can't find the pencil behind her ear.

    3. Good One! This is one of the best comments I have ever seen.

    4. Just like Sleepys is the sleep experts, Dumpies is the dump experts, headquartered in Culmore, Mason's Dump District. We all should be so proud.

  3. “Quite frankly, we didn’t realize the trash would accumulate so fast."

    Welcome to the Mason District Petter Batten!

  4. remember when the public warned Spectrum this would happen and also told Penny 100 times they needed more trash cans around this site? seems like they don't

  5. as of thurs evening, no clean up.

  6. as of friday night no clean up. Spectrum "vows" aren't too strong.