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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Verizon antennas proposed for a dozen sites in Mason District

Verizon is proposing to put telecom antennas on 12 Dominion utility poles in Mason District, mostly in the Lincolnia area, and several more in the City of Alexandria.

Verizon would replace existing utility poles with new ones that would be about five to seven feet taller, Ed Donohue, of Donohue & Stearns PLC, told the Mason District Land Use Committee (MDLUC) March 29. A utility box would be attached to the side of the pole.

The proposed antennas are needed to address cell phone coverage and capacity for both voice and data, Donohue said. They would help offload traffic from the large cell tower in Mason District Park and other locations.

The proposed antennas would be close to these addresses in Mason District: 4116 Braddock Road (next to Parklawn Elementary School), 4501 Braddock Road, 6264 and 6355 Lincolnia Road, 6321 Oak Ridge Drive, 6404 Pima St., 4902 Beauregard St., 4920 Fran Place, 6481 Little River Turnpike, 6524 Montrose St., 4201 Summit Place, and the intersection of Edsall Road and Indian Run Parkway.

The MDLUC tentatively endorsed the proposal, which must now be approved by the Fairfax County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors before it can be implemented. A date for a Planning Commission hearing hasn’t been set.


  1. Why so concentrated in Lincolnia? Is it because that's where the service is needed or are they taking the unsightly hit for other people's convenience?

    1. Verizon service must be really bad in the Lincolnia area! That probably says a lot about Verizon in general as a service provider.

  2. Parklawn Pool could have had one by their pool and have received rent each month. Now the community will not get the rent. That is really a shame. These towers have really helped out many pools in the area.